09/16/2007 09:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Liveblog! The 28th Annual Emmys!

Greetings, and welcome to sunny LA and the 28th Annual Emmy Awards! In an adjunct to the HuffPost patented Debate Liveblog Series™ we present Part Two of our Emmy Liveblog™ — the actual Emmys, after the meticulously liveblogged red carpet portion (bright colors! Umpire waists! Vanessa Williams in feathers!). Tonight's event is being hosted by Ryan Seacrest, and liveblogged for your interest and edification by our crack liveblogging team: Star Magazine Editor-at-Large Julia Allison, HuffPost Associate Media Editor (and ex-EW pop culture maven) Michelle Kung, plus the odd comment piped up by Julia's partner in Emmy-watching crime, All My Children's Leven Rambin (herself nominated for not one but two Emmys, yo!). Finally, there's your moderator, ETP editor and never-nominated-for-an-Emmy Rachel Sklar (that's me). Join!

[Update: Here are the results. Also, this liveblog is LONG. To assist in your skimming, we've bolded the good stuff.]

2007-09-17-Emmysstage.JPGJulia (7:49:16 PM): Hello!
Rachel (7:49:40 PM): Hi!
Rachel (7:49:47 PM): Am in the pre-show liveblog, sit tight darlin'.
Rachel (7:52:48 PM): You can make some opening comments if you want!
Julia (8:00:49 PM): Wait, when does this "start"
Julia (8:00:57 PM): This "liveblogging?"
Rachel (8:01:01 PM): Just start giving me comments!
Julia (8:01:17 PM): Okay
Rachel (8:01:16 PM): Just blab your opinion. Like you're on Fox.
Julia (8:02:45 PM): "Those women look sensational for being 65" - about "Desperate Housewives" - hysterical!
Rachel (8:03:05 PM): Okay here I am! Family Guy opening song. Wow, These are pretty barbed lyrics.
2007-09-17-Emmysfamilyguy.JPGJulia (8:03:24 PM): "Without it, Americans would have to learn to read." BEST. LINE. EVER.
Rachel (8:03:17 PM): Loved that Isaiah Washington quip.
Rachel (8:03:27 PM): Nice Sopranos ref too. Cutting to a black screen will be forever a reliable punchline.
Rachel (8:03:37 PM): Aaaand: Seacrest....IN!
Julia (8:03:49 PM): Ah, did you see Colbert and Stewart nod to each other like, "that was actually funny?!"
Rachel (8:03:45 PM): I did! Loved that!
Julia (8:03:58 PM): Seacrest is looking hot.
Julia (8:04:02 PM): Per usual.
Rachel (8:03:53 PM): Colbert is wearing his wristband.
Rachel (8:04:07 PM): Per usual.
2007-09-17-EvaandFelicity.JPGRachel (8:04:09 PM): Wait, did you just say that "Seacrest was looking hot, per usual?" I will give you CUTE, but HOT? He's a tad too coiffed and tanned for raw hotness. That's my professional opinion.
Julia (8:04:27 PM): The tie, though? Not so sure about that. It looks like maybe he made it out of shiny duct tape.
Rachel (8:04:39 PM): I know - very The Hives circa 2002. This is a big deal for Seacrest. This is the grown-ups table
Julia (8:04:54 PM): It's weird that he's talking about hosting ... he IS big time.
Julia (8:05:16 PM): I adore him.
Julia (8:05:45 PM): Self-deprecating, tanned, well-shorn.
Rachel (8:04:39 PM): Well, at least we know that we'll never be competing for the same guy!
Julia (8:06:08 PM): Wow, are they doing product placement now on the Emmys? A big shout out to Louboutin!
Rachel (8:06:05 PM): He cheated - he asked Eva who she was wearing during the pre-show! "No Tony...a good sign" - zing!
Rachel (8:06:08 PM): OH MY GOD
2007-09-17-SeacrestIn.JPGRachel (8:06:11 PM): "Hello, Teri."
Rachel (8:06:14 PM): Wow. Awk-ward!
Rachel (8:06:20 PM): Seacrest is GOOD at this! Who knew?
Julia (8:06:37 PM): WHAT IS THAT TIE, THOUGH???
Julia (8:06:52 PM): i do like this new configuration
Julia (8:07:10 PM): Are you supposed to clap for your own show? It seems odd.
Rachel (8:08:06 PM): Oh my God he's singing.
Rachel (8:08:07 PM): Wow.
Julia (8:08:17 PM): HAHAHAH oh god, another great line, to Hayden Panettiere, who just turned 18, "My gift, sitting you as far away from Piven as possible"
Rachel (8:08:12 PM): Wow. I am reeling. Ryan Seacrest did a terrific open!
Rachel (8:08:15 PM): I know!
Julia (8:08:30 PM): It was a SOLID 10
Julia (8:08:37 PM): He's really underrated
Rachel (8:08:33 PM): Well, color me surprised.
Julia (8:08:52 PM): Ray's hair is amazing.
Julia (8:09:09 PM): Whatever product he's using, he should ALWAYS use it.
Rachel (8:09:19 PM): I'm sure he'll take that under advisement.
Julia (8:09:22 PM): Oops - was that intentional?
Rachel (8:09:19 PM): There have been a bunch of glitches. Not the smoothest
Julia (8:11:40 PM): God, this is actually funny.
Julia (8:11:48 PM): Love that Ray Romano made the sex comment.
Rachel (8:12:06 PM): For the folks at home - he compared his sex life to the Sopranos ending - his wife sits up and goes, "That's it?" It worked. The crowd enjoyed it. Rachel (8:12:06 PM): Okay - time for the actual show. Good timing, Michelle just signed on. Welcome, Mich!

Rachel (8:12:51 PM): First award - Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Jeremy Piven: LOVE HIM
Julia (8:13:01 PM): Jeremey Piven - predicted that!!
Rachel (8:13:05 PM): Oh NO! Rainn Wilson - love him too!
Rachel (8:13:14 PM): And the Emmy goes to..Jeremy Piven, Entourage!
Julia (8:13:16 PM): I just don't understand how he can memorize all of those lines!!!
Rachel (8:13:18 PM): Wow, two for two!
Rachel (8:13:28 PM): That is their job, my pet.
Rachel (8:13:45 PM): "I'm so honored to get this Emmy, I shaved special!"

Rachel (8:16:50 PM): Terry O'Quinn from Lost takes the second statue.
Julia (8:16:53 PM): Personally, I like that bright pink shirt
Rachel (8:17:00 PM): I know! He looks terrific.
Julia (8:17:10 PM): It's a relief to see someone mix it up for once.
Rachel (8:17:22 PM): He's great. I don't actually watch much Lost. That much plot is a commitment. But, I loved Alias. And he was on that!
Julia (8:18:51 PM): Wow, what commercial is this???? HUGE a listers! Trump, Stewart, Jessica Simpson, Diddy!?!?!
Rachel (8:19:24 PM): WOW. That is some kind of commercial!
Rachel (8:19:35 PM): And Martha Stewart!
Rachel (8:19:43 PM): (And Kenneth Cole. Not quite the same.) But here's the thing: I don't remember what the product is.
Rachel (8:19:51 PM): [Update: It's Macy's, and we've got it below.]
Michelle (8:21:08 PM): Hi! I'm here. I'm happy Terry O'Quinn won.
2007-09-17-TerryOPink.JPGMichelle (8:21:25 PM): Lost got a lot better in the second half of last season
Michelle (8:21:36 PM): And Jeremy Piven was predicted to win.
Michelle (8:21:53 PM): I tuned in when Ray Romano was prattling on about his wife.
Julia (8:22:07 PM): Mary Louise looks stunning. She should always wear red.
Rachel (8:22:13 PM): Yikes, Ryan just burned Paula with that "Weeds" reference! Even funnier: She wasn't paying attention.
Julia (8:22:14 PM): OH SNAP, Paula!
Leven (8:23:10 PM): Ryan's tie looks like a strip of duct tape but still hot . Tina Fey is rocking it out in that black dress!! Yum.
Michelle (8:23:11 PM): Ah, scripted banter.
Rachel (8:23:46 PM): I am rooting for Jenna Fischer!
Rachel (8:23:59 PM): Though I did love Elizabeth Perkins in "Big."
2007-09-17-MessingandShat.JPGMichelle (8:24:04 PM): She has a good shot.
Michelle (8:24:18 PM): Ohh. That's interesting.
Rachel (8:24:21 PM): I love Holland Taylor too. Loved her in "Legally Blonde." I know, she's done other stuff. I am betraying my biases here.
Leven (8:24:23 PM): GO JAMIE!! She's freaking hilarious
Rachel (8:24:34 PM): Wow - Jamie Pressley won! That's very impressive in this field. Impressive for anyone. More impressive for the star of "Poison Ivy II."
Julia (8:25:09 PM): I have to say, Jamie has impeccable comic timing
Rachel (8:24:39 PM): Yes, but that isn't quite what was on display in "Poison Ivy II."
Rachel (8:24:44 PM): Aw. Poor Jenna.
Rachel (8:24:49 PM): She had BETTER get it on with Jim. All I'm saying.
Michelle (8:25:08 PM): Yeah, but where do they go from there?
Julia (8:25:31 PM): She's thanking her lawyer??
Rachel (8:25:57 PM): Dude! Laywers work HARD! Halle Berry set that standard.
Michelle (8:26:02 PM): This whole awards in the round is very bizarre.

2007-09-17-ItsHeigl.JPGRachel (8:26:57 PM): Yes but it is saving on time in a big way, and more fun to watch, frankly.
Leven (8:26:02 PM): Way to mispronounce Katherine Heigl's name.
Rachel (8:26:30 PM): AWESOME - She corrects the disembodied voice! "It's "Heigl" - fantastic.
Julia (8:26:30 PM): Nice comeback on the name, Heigl
Julia (8:26:43 PM): I would not have chosen those earrings, with the crosses, but Katherine's dress is stunning
Rachel (8:27:32 PM): Zzzzzzzz.
Rachel (8:27:34 PM): Sorry.
Rachel (8:27:38 PM): Miniseries.
Rachel (8:28:03 PM): Fun fact: Thomas Haydn Church starred with Debra Messing on the short-lived "Ned & Stacey."
Rachel (8:28:06 PM): He was Stacey.
Michelle (8:28:33 PM): He was also on "Wings," where all of the men are still working, but all of the women are not.
Julia (8:28:48 PM): The music chimes in!!
Michelle (8:29:19 PM): So much for the beginning.
Rachel (8:29:22 PM): He thanked David Angell — "who was there at the beginning" — that is the same David Angell who was the co-creator of "Cheers" and "Wings." The same David Angell who died on 9/11. He was on American Airlines Flight 11. Damn.

2007-09-17-EvaEntrourage.JPGLeven (8:29:27 PM): Eva looks so beautiful!! Damn, Robert Verdi is on top of it!
Rachel (8:30:08 PM): Yay the Feist iPod commercial!
Rachel (8:30:23 PM): She's Canadian. LOVE THAT SONG. And that video. And that is all.
Michelle (8:33:51 PM): Hugh! I love Hugh Laurie.
Julia (8:34:06 PM): Ellen! WHAT IS THAT NECKLACE? Did she take her lightswitch tassel and have it gilded?
Rachel (8:34:43 PM): WHOA! IT'S ALIVE! And yet, she is so damn talented, she has made me forget her neckwear.
Rachel (8:34:58 PM): Yay! Montage! I love montagery!
Rachel (8:35:02 PM): Montage a trois!
Julia (8:35:24 PM): Funny nightshow hosts! GO CONAN!
Rachel (8:37:01 PM): Wow. That was a very odd segue to the Tom Snyder memorial.
Rachel (8:37:16 PM): Do they really need to save on time that badly?
Leven (8:37:20 PM): Why is Eva with the boys? To increase sex appeal?
Julia (8:37:22 PM): Yes!
Julia (8:37:53 PM): "No one has supported more actresses than these gentlemen!"
Rachel (8:37:59 PM): Wow. Eva looks fantastic.
Julia (8:38:06 PM): They're doing well with the backhanded comments this evening
Rachel (8:38:09 PM): Did anyone else's screen just freeze up?
Michelle (8:38:25 PM): Nah, I think it's just you.
Julia (8:38:41 PM): No, my screen's been freezing constantly
Rachel (8:39:10 PM): If that's the worst thing about these Emmmys, they are way ahead.
Julia (8:39:24 PM): Wow, I didn't see that one coming
Rachel (8:39:28 PM): Pronounced correctly!
Michelle (8:39:32 PM): Best Supporting Actress -- Katherine Heigl
Rachel (8:39:32 PM): Wow, she is having one helluva year.
Rachel (8:39:43 PM): Did Sandra Oh win last year?
Michelle (8:39:47 PM): Yeah.
Julia (8:39:45 PM): "My own mother told me I didn't have a shot in hell of winning tonight" - cut to the mom - LOVE IT
Michelle (8:39:46 PM): Well, I'm sure this is connected to the fact that her movie did well.
Rachel (8:39:51 PM): Did Rachel Griffiths ever win for Six Feet Under?
Michelle (8:39:58 PM): Because Sandra Oh is a much better actress.
Rachel (8:40:03 PM): Aw. Proud momma!
Leven (8:40:15 PM): She seems like she's in a bad mood...but genuine
Julia (8:40:22 PM): Every one is SO EMOTIONAL!
Michelle (8:40:24 PM): Her storyline on Grey's is so awful.
Michelle (8:40:37 PM): I can't believe she won for it.
Rachel (8:41:07 PM): Very heartfelt speech. Oh, look, the music is swelling underneath! How not a moment-ruiner!

Michelle (8:42:01 PM): I love these writer segments every year!
Rachel (8:42:01 PM): OOOOH
Julia (8:42:08 PM): Burning question: is Jennifer Love's hair real?? It's unbelievable.
Rachel (8:42:31 PM): Oh, my God! LOVED that Colbert opener! With the writers punching him in the face! There's Peter Gwinn and Alison Silverman, last seen at the UCB (by me). Rachel (8:42:39 PM): OH MY GOD! THE GONZO OPENER! Here, watch it yourself:

Rachel (8:42:43 PM): THAT IS FANTASTIC!
Rachel (8:42:59 PM): "I don't recall remembering Jon Stewart"
Rachel (8:43:02 PM): AWESOME.
Michelle (8:43:03 PM): They always have clever intros every year.
Rachel (8:43:33 PM): Bill Maher's crew with the toe-tapping - nice!
Michelle (8:43:45 PM): Oh wow.
Julia (8:43:46 PM): Oh wow, this is HYSTERICAL.
Michelle (8:44:06 PM): WOW. Conan! He's never won.
Rachel (8:44:30 PM): Wow. Conan's wife looked STUNNED.
Michelle (8:44:43 PM): He's seriously never won.
Julia (8:44:53 PM): Incredible.
Michelle (8:44:53 PM): And I think everyone was predicting it to go to Daily Show
Rachel (8:45:07 PM): I was secretly predicting Colbert. That show makes news every other week.
Michelle (8:45:15 PM): It's too new
Michelle (8:45:30 PM): It took a while for Daily Show to catch on with Emmy voters.

Leven (8:45:42 PM): A preggo Christina? what will she wear??
Rachel (8:46:48 PM): Ah. Good point.
Rachel (8:47:17 PM): So, recap: It's been a pretty good show so far, no?
Rachel (8:47:36 PM): Seems to be flying by, funny, lots of good bits, lots of celeb facetime.
Michelle (8:47:42 PM): It's been moving pretty quickly, so yeah.
Rachel (8:47:46 PM): They've been smart in pairing people in multiples.
Rachel (8:47:51 PM): More than just two presenters.
Michelle (8:48:01 PM): They're packing good categories in the start
Rachel (8:48:11 PM): Makes for a more interesting visual. And smart to seed bits in the audience - that saves the time of walking to the stage etc.
Michelle (8:48:39 PM): Yeah, it's the first year they're trying this awards in the round thing.
Michelle (8:50:04 PM): I never really got into Prison Break.
Rachel (8:50:14 PM): I sort of think that if you get to the second season and you still haven't actually broken, then it's time to change the name.
Leven (10:36:54 PM): "Attemped Prison Break!"
Julia (8:50:24 PM): Green Emmys?
Julia (8:50:39 PM): Kid Nation crack, check.
Rachel (8:50:49 PM): Nice!
Rachel (8:50:55 PM): These are GOOD!

2007-09-17-TonyXtinawide.JPGJulia (8:51:04 PM): Tony & Xstina - I still think they're a weird combo.
Rachel (8:51:09 PM): And yet! They love each other! She guested on SNL recently and she had two songs - PLUS one with him!
Julia (8:51:21 PM): WOWZA, someone is PREGGERS! She looks really healthy and happy. Awww.
Michelle (8:51:43 PM): I love this song.
Michelle (8:51:50 PM): Breaking out the Irving Berlin.
Julia (8:52:08 PM): her boobs are enormous!
Leven (8:52:46 PM): Wait, get off the piano, you may fall!
Leven (8:52:52 PM): Smooth!
Michelle (8:52:55 PM): The choreography is way hokey.
Leven (8:53:17 PM): Choreography was too distracting....that's IT??
2007-09-17-TonyXtina.JPGMichelle (8:53:31 PM): They are really moving this along.
Julia (8:53:35 PM): Not a huge fan of that song
Julia (8:53:45 PM): They REALLY are
Julia (8:53:57 PM): I'm a HUGE fan of Alec's performance on 30 Rock
Julia (8:54:05 PM): I love how he stress-eats. It reminds me of myself.
Rach (8:54:40 PM): 30 Rock is so brilliant, Tina Fey is so damn good at mining the intrinsic hilarity of her friends. It's like a group of BFFs cracking each other up. And it's been amazing to see great UCB people be recognized, like Jack McBrayer (Kenneth the Page), who is one of the most hilarious improv-ers I've ever seen. And Jason Sudeikis from SNL. Funfact: His wife is one of the writers on the show.

2007-09-17-AliandKiefer.JPGMichelle (8:54:41 PM): In other news, Tony Bennett is the Barry Manilow of this year!
Rachel (8:55:14 PM): Ha! Totally.
Michelle (8:55:21 PM): Rob Marshall -- I wonder what else he's working on. He directed Memoirs of a Geisha, and Chicago.
Julia (8:55:35 PM): Ali Larter, looking like Tinsley Mortimer with straight hair!
Rachel (8:55:44 PM): OMG good call!!
Julia (8:55:44 PM): Great color on her
Julia (8:57:24 PM): Moving on: "I never knew an actor who didn't want to do a western" ... um ... really??? Have you met Zac Efron?
Michelle (8:57:48 PM): Did you guys see 3:10 to Yuma? Much better than I thought it would be.
Rachel (8:55:44 PM): Yikes. Vanessa Hudgens reference.They went there. NOT COOL, RYAN SEACREST!
Michelle (8:58:30 PM): Aw. poor Vanessa.
Rachel (8:59:07 PM): The Jersey Boys play tribute to the Sopranos? Now THAT I have to see.
Leven (8:59:36 PM): Vanessa? You KNOW Ryan has those on his desktop.
Rachel (8:59:45 PM): Actually, I didn't know that. But Ryan seems to be pushing that point this evening.
Rachel (9:00:13 PM): Anyone seen the Tina Fey AmEx commercial? It's *almost* not like selling out.

Leven (9:02:28 PM): Ellen Pompeo and Ellen Degeneres coordinated their unfortunate gold neck adornment...
Julia (9:03:34 PM): Ratings and audience shares? zzzzz
Rachel (9:04:00 PM): Ellen Pompeo is channeling Renee Zellweger.
Rachel (9:05:40 PM): Ben Vereen! He was in Pippin!

2007-09-17-Roots.JPGMichelle (9:05:59 PM): Oh -- that's a nice tribute to Roots. But it was a bit disjointed between the intro for the unveiling of the stars.
Michelle (9:06:06 PM): Close up of Shonda Rimes....
Julia (9:06:07 PM): I'm dating myself, but ... this is before my time.
Rachel (9:06:18 PM): Dating yourself? Yourself will have to get in line, girlfriend! Hahahahaha.
Michelle (9:06:24 PM): Didn't they make you watch it in school?
Julia (9:06:31 PM): I have NEVER heard of it
Rachel (9:06:40 PM): Oy. I'm Canadian and I've heard of it.
2007-09-17-HaydenDoogieanddress.JPGLeven (9:06:56 PM): I like that bling bling dress
Julia (9:09:12 PM): Geez, Duvall's still going. And going. Did he ever leave the podium?
Leven (9:09:32 PM): You can't play the music on DUVALL, man!!
Leven (9:09:49 PM): Hayden's dress: BEYOND FUG
Michelle (9:09:59 PM): I love that he was praising the Western as an American tradition, but then talks about filming in Alberta.
Rachel (9:10:29 PM): I think he said "Cavalry" not "Calgary." But I thought that too. [Update: I went back to the tape, and it's true! He DID say "Calgary" - he said that the Western was a uniquely American tradition, right up from Calgary down to Texas. Unreal.]
Leven (9:11:24 PM): Neil Patrick Harris and Hayden Panettiere look like brother and sister
Julia (9:11:53 PM): Is Hayden Panettiere harboring a small family underneath her dress?
Rachel (9:12:42 PM): Aw, Studio 60 got a mention.
Rachel (9:13:00 PM): Bet Aaron Sorkin pictured this night a little differently at this time last year....
Michelle (9:13:20 PM): I think everyone did.
Julia (9:14:21 PM): Perhaps Hayden confused a parachute from the set with her dress?
Rachel (9:14:57 PM): God. These are GREAT Emmys. Very fast-paced, great, smart banter. Good awards, categories packed with favorites, funny bits.
2007-09-17-UptherethatsthebestofAmericaCalgary.JPGMichelle (9:14:59 PM): This (the writing award win) is a good sign for the Sopranos. One of the stats everyone keeps throwing around is how no drama series that's off the air has won a best series Emmy for almost 30 years.
Rachel (9:15:18 PM): It feels odd, though, that Hayden should read the award for the Sopranos - which started when she was around 10.
Julia (9:15:44 PM): Right? Did her parents allow her to watch it?
Rachel (9:16:15 PM): David Chase: "Well, I've been here before." Ha. Indeed.
Rachel (9:16:29 PM): That seems like sacrilege.

Julia (9:22:21 PM): Haha I love this Office bit
Rachel (9:22:37 PM): See, this is what I mean about this being a good, sharp Emmys. It's NOT about just Steve Carrell, it's about this show that everyone loves and being creative and tongue in cheek about how it is referenced. Also, Jon Krasinski is adorable. Loved him in Dreamgirls!
Rachel (9:22:47 PM): And Jenna Fischer. "I took Steve out for dinner to celebrate his nomination and told him that I was nominated too. He said, 'For what, having the biggest rack on the show?'"
Rachel (9:22:50 PM): Man, Oscar should poach some Emmy writers. Jon Stewart, you're on notice.
Julia (9:22:56 PM): Steve Carrell is a comic genius. His glare here is perfect.
Rachel (9:23:15 PM): Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh go Colbert and Jon!
Rachel (9:23:19 PM): I mean, er, I'm impartial. But it's hard not to root for all these guys, actually - they turn around hilarious, biting, relevant bits every day. And at their best they highlight the ridiculousness of the national discourse. Which is necessary, dammit.
Julial (9:23:28 PM): Hurray for Jon!
Rachel (9:23:34 PM): Aw! Look at them hugging!
Julia (9:23:57 PM): Can we just watch him the rest of the night?
Julia (9:24:25 PM): He looks extraordinarily tan. What was he doing, VACATIONING???
Rachel (9:24:48 PM): Well, they only came back from vacation just this week. Very nice speech. Impeccably timed, too - the music came in as though it was planned.
Julia (9:25:26 PM): Tony Bennett's having a great night
Julia (9:28:28 PM): I actually like Marcia's earrings, but the dress doesn't quite work
Rachel (9:28:37 PM): We expounded on that at length in the pre-show red carpet liveblog. We take our Emmys VERY seriously at HuffPo.
Leven (9:28:39 PM): Rooting for Toni Collette! (We are now voting for Best Actress in a Mini-Series).
Michelle (9:29:19 PM): She's won before, right?
Julia (9:31:20 PM): American Idol?!
Michelle (9:32:06 PM): Yeah, they did a huge "Idol Gives Back" campaign earlier in the year.
Julia (9:29:27 PM): Marcia looks like she could be in a Clariol hair color commercial. Her hair is THAT ... shiny. and perfectly red.
Rachel (9:29:50 PM): One might say "Debra Messing-esque." Also nominated tonight - Marcia Gay Harden, btw. Lost to Leslie Caron, who seemed robbed of her right to make an acceptance speech - she got the nomination-reading baton pass.
Michelle (9:33:11 PM): Is that Kate Walsh in the Cadillac ad?
Michelle (9:33:12 PM): It sounded like her voice.
Rachel (9:33:58 PM): They are rolling out the celeb-studded ads here, to be sure. Macys and Tina Fey's AmEx ad was only the beginning. On that note: Aw,Steve Carrell as a dad! With one of my fave songs as the theme song. "Let My Love Open The Door" by Pete Townshend. Program note.
Julia (9:34:26 PM): Aww
Michelle (9:34:42 PM): Well, the song is prolly just for the trailer. Just so you have that exact reaction.
Rachel (9:35:15 PM): Killjoy.
Julia (9:36:07 PM): Kyra Sedgwick always rocking the waves!!
Michelle (9:36:14 PM): Ah -- all the film actresses "slumming it" on tv.
Rachel (9:36:21 PM): I don't know if you can say "slumming it" - they all have roots in TV. Glenn Close was "Sara Plain and Tall" after all. And also in "Something About Amelia" - I'm dating myself here but let's just say it was hard to look at Ted Danson again after that. Which reminds me, Mark Harmon was looking oooold before. (Speaking of 80s mini-series seared on my brain.)

2007-09-17-Ladiesofacertainage.JPGRachel (9:36:25 PM): Glenn Close applauding a new trend on cable television: "Developing shows around strong central characters who just happen to be women."
Michelle (9:36:41 PM): Nice of them to point that out.
Leven (9:36:47 PM): Girl power!
Julia (9:36:56 PM): I love how they group the "women of a certain age" together
Rachel (9:37:34 PM): Um, Jules, they are not all the same age.
Julia (9:38:49 PM): Oh, I'm sorry - maybe you forgot about the Rule in Hollywood - 1) Under 35 or ... 2) Old.
Rachel (9:37:34 PM): You know, as the token 34 year old here - one year away from old! - I'm going to disagree. This is the Emmys of the sleek , sophisticated woman. Mary Louise, Felicity Huff, Sally Field, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Debra Messing, Eva Longoria, Vanessa Williams (feathers notwithstanding) - I mean, no offense to the blushing ingenues, but this is the hottest field of 30 and 40 somethings going (and 50 and 60 - Glenn Close and Helen Mirren and Sally Field, too). As the elder statesmen of this liveblog, I feel bound to point that out.
Julia (9:36:53 PM): I LOVE Mary Louise Parker.
Julia (9:37:01 PM): she has no lines on her face. How is that possible?
Rachel (9:37:58 PM): I'm guessing it's the weed.
Michelle (9:38:38 PM): Plus, Mary Louise had one of the best awards show quotes ever.
Julia (9:39:06 PM): What was her best award quote?
Michelle (9:39:19 PM): From the SAGs I think?
Michelle (9:39:34 PM): Right after she had her baby and thanked him for making her boobs look so good in her dress.

Rachel (9:41:15 PM): Here we go - Jersey Boys meet Jersey Boys! The Sopranos: The Musical ("The Sopranos!").
Michelle (9:42:42 PM): This is strange -- I understand there's a Jersey connection to the Sopranos, but this is a rather forced connection just to work in another musical number.
Rachel (9:43:02 PM): Walk like a man, talk like a man...
Rachel (9:43:09 PM): ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh walk walk walk walk
Rachel (9:43:23 PM): (Sorry. I loved that Howie Mandel movie.)
Julia (9:43:32 PM): Leven and I were singing along!
Julia (9:44:00 PM): Can we get a little Journey around here??
2007-09-17-Sopranofest.JPGMichelle (9:44:00 PM): Ah, there it is.
Rachel (9:44:51 PM): Damn, I thought they were going to rewrite the lyrics about the Sopranos and intercut footage and stuff. THAT would have been cool. But otherwise, that was an excerpt from the Tonys. Not that there's anything wrong with that....
Rachel (9:45:01 PM): Wow. Would you look at that stage. Sopranos fans must be kvelling right now.
Julia (9:45:09 PM): Haven't half of those people been offed?
Michelle (9:45:34 PM): I think it's more of a tribute to the series as whole, since it's off the air now.
Rachel (9:45:53 PM): Jesus, how do you feel about the Sopranos, Emmys? Don't be coy!
Julia (9:47:04 PM): I dislike violence, so I'm not a fan of the Sopranos.
Michelle (9:47:37 PM): Yeah, but the show is so much more than that.
Leven (9:49:27 PM): Bones is a great show. don't really see it on the Emmys.
Michelle (9:49:41 PM): I agree it's a fun show (I Tivo it, but it's not really Emmy material.

2007-09-17-HelenMirren.JPGLeven (9:50:11 PM): GO QUEEN! Helen the Great!
Michelle (9:50:40 PM): Good for Helen Mirren -- I love the Prime Suspect series.
Julia (9:51:23 PM): "You Americans are wonderfully generous people." Umm .... where are you hanging out, Hel?
Rachel (9:51:51 PM): Oh my God Helen Mirren has had QUITE a year!
Rachel (9:52:06 PM): I preferred her Oscar dress, in truth. Though I give her points fro going for it.
Julia (9:53:13 PM): I'm so not a fan of Lewis Black. He so ... shake-y. He always seems nervous, which makes ME nervous. Leven (9:54:53 PM): Why is the music not playing on HIM!
Rachel (9:54:55 PM): Lewis Black on Paxil: Unemployed.
Rachel (9:55:15 PM): Oh, I like him. But he's used the crawl line before. He made Kyra Philips turn it off on CNN once.
Rachel (9:55:50 PM): Ha - Seacrest just made a Lewis Black on Valium joke! He is TOTALLY reading this liveblog.
Julia (9:56:01 PM): Color of the Evening: Red Satin!
Rachel (9:56:23 PM): I am loving the red satin. It looks so great on Ali Larter and Mary Louise Parker. And fuschia on Felicity H. Muffman.
Rachel (9:56:44 PM): Did anyone see "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee?" Because it's having quite a night.
Michelle (9:56:52 PM): No. I don't think anyone did.
Rachel (9:57:01 PM): Emmy Mashup: Tony Bennett singing "I Left My Heart At Wounded Knee...."
Leven (9:56:52 PM): I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks brilliant
Rachel (9:57:04 PM): Leven, have you worked with any of these people before?
Rachel (9:57:21 PM): Who's older, you or Hayden Penettierre?
Rachel (9:57:26 PM): Has Jeremy Piven ever hit on you?
Leven (9:58:52 PM): Hayden is older than me. I actually replaced her on a series called "The Book of Daniel" on NBC last year with Aidan Quinn and Ellen Burstyn.
2007-09-17-Levenscostar.JPGRachel (9:57:21 PM): That's the very same Aidan Quinn from - wait for it - "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee!" Emmy synergy!
Leven (9:58:53 PM): She filmed the pilot and didn't want to do it once it got picked up she was filming yet another Disney movie or something. So. 1 degree, I guess.
Leven (9:59:42 PM): Unfortunately, the series was short-lived.
Julia (9:59:55 PM): Totally WOULD have been nominated for an Emmy!
Rachel (10:03:07 PM): We would have liveblogged it!
Rachel (10:03:31 PM): Okay, so moral of the story: Jeremy Piven, give her a year.

Julia (10:04:34 PM): Wow, Is this a Mac ad?
Michelle (10:04:35 PM): Yay! I love Masi. He used to work for ILM
Julia (10:06:25 PM): Current TV: Still Trying to Explain It To Old Not-Very-Technologically-Savvy People!
Julia (10:07:32 PM): Al Gore's definitely not running for President
Rachel (10:07:42 PM): Never say never. You can't buy this kind of airtime. Standing O!
Julia (10:08:01 PM): More importantly, I'm very concerned that we may be moments away from a nip slip!
2007-09-17-JoelyFischerandboobs.JPGRachel (10:09:43 PM): Wow. A nip slip would TOTALLY make this the best Emmys EVER!
Leven (10:08:40 PM): Nipple? Oh, God, is Joely Fisher purposely going to slip it out?
Rachel (10:12:51 PM): It almost seems like it. She keeps flexing and preening in that dress, as though daring her breasts to escape. I can't look away from her cleavage. It's alive, for God's sake.
Rachel (10:13:15 PM): Funny line: Brad: "I wish I was on ANY list!" Joely: "You couldn't get on Craigslist! Except for...Senator Craig's list!" Nicely done.

Update: Nicely done...but beware taunting the Gods of nip-slippery on stage before millions...planned or unplanned, Joely Fischer totally showed areola. Don't believe me? Check it out here. A friend alerted me to their rosy-hued presence after to say that he was watching in HD on a big screen, and that was "definitely areola - I know 'em when I see 'em." So I went back to the tape, and discovered that you didn't need HD. New nickname: Joely Areoly.]

Julia (10:09:20 PM): This is Tony Bennett Groundhog Day!!!
Julia (10:10:05 PM): Hello, anyone there? Did everyone take a bathroom break because Tony won't stop winning?
Rachel (10:10:57 PM): Wow, he's been up there so many times he now has time to mention the SPONSOR. "Thanks, Target!" Geesh.
Michelle (10:13:22 PM): HA -- see, even Elaine Strich is yawing.
2007-09-17-RyanSeacresttotallynotgay.JPGRachel (10:13:26 PM): OH MY GOD ELAINE STRITCH!!!
Julia (10:13:28 PM): I love how honest she is "I'm not fakin' this. I really don't know what the hell I'm doing!"
Rachel (10:14:38 PM): She is fantastic! "An my quotes have always been up - which explains why I'm so rarely seen on TV." Man, I hope that was just her audition for Entourage. Another vodka stinger! I'll drink to that! And one for Stanley Tucci, who looks like he needs it.
Julia (10:15:04 PM): I feel like the Emmys think there are only four shows on television: Desperate Housewives, Entourage, Heroes, and the Sopranos
Leven (10:15:22 PM): Yay! Like Ugly Betty!
Michelle (10:15:40 PM): Well, they've been pretty good about spreading the nominations this year. Well, better than they used to be.
Rachel (10:15:59 PM): No, there has been a lot of diversity here - 30 Rock, The Office, Wees, The Closer.....Two and a Half Men, for God's sake.
Julia (10:15:40 PM): I LOVE UGLY BETTY!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle (10:16:25 PM): America Ferrera is pretty much a lock to win.
Michelle (10:17:18 PM): Her final scene in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants almost made me cry.
Rachel (10:17:59 PM): I love The Office. 30 Rock too.I would have nominated "A Salute To Fireworks" though.
Michelle (10:18:26 PM): Yeah, it's funny how they chose what episode to submit.
Rachel (10:25:09 PM): Um, is Ryan Seacrest trying to tell us something?
2007-09-17-Youcanbemyblackkatemosstonight.JPGMichelle (10:26:33 PM): Is that really Kanye West? Yes. Nice.
Rachel (10:27:03 PM): I'm sorry, I love Kanye too. And it IS a travesty that he didn't win a Grammy. He's got the mother $#@#$@ album in the nation, dude!
Michelle (10:27:15 PM): This is so random.
Rachel (10:27:31 PM): I love the bits tonight. Random works for me.
Leven (10:28:04 PM): How happy is Kanye right now??
Michelle (10:28:16 PM): Although this is basically a huge ad for WB's show.
Julia (10:28:17 PM): Haha this is amazing! Rainn Wilson.
Rachel (10:29:34 PM): Case in point.
Rachel (10:29:39 PM): "You can be my black Kate Moss tonight!"
Rachel (10:29:41 PM): Laughing out loud. Awesome.
Michelle (10:29:50 PM): Ugh, Amazing Race again. They've won every single year since this category was created.
Rachel (10:30:56 PM): You know, it cheapens the whole "Bring The Whole Cast Of The Sopranos Up On The Stage" thing when the entire Amazing Race team floods up.
Rachel (10:34:34 PM): This Tina Fey AmEx commercial is so great. "No, the OTHER kind of German shepherds!"
Leven (10:35:05 PM): Did anyone agree with Alec Baldwin's white suit?
Rache (10:35:15 PM): The people who voted for Tony Bennett, apparently...again.

Julia (10:36:14 PM): Stewart - Colbert 2008!!
Julia (10:37:42 PM): "We are entertainers at an awards show. It is our duty to chastise you about the environment." HA
Julia (10:38:00 PM): "If entertainers stopped publicly congratulating themselves, then THE EARTH WINS." Hysterical.
Leven (10:38:58 PM): No one is getting this in the audience - loving it here!
Michelle (10:39:06 PM): Kevin Bacon did not look amused.
Michelle (10:40:03 PM): Man-hug! Hilarious!
Rachel (10:40:28 PM): Ha - "Ricky Gervais couldn't be here tonight, so instead we are going to give this to our friend Steve Carrell!"
Rachel (10:40:45 PM): And that, my friends, is the best three-way you will ever see on television.
Michelle (10:40:23 PM): Bizarre that Ricky Gervais won.
Rachel (10:41:12 PM): Sadly, while Colbert and Stewart did their elaborate bit, much of America was distracted: Derek Jeter had JUST hit a thundering 3-run homer in Fenway against Curt Schilling, silencing the Boston crowd and putting NY ahead, 4-1. Baseball vs. Emmys. DEATHMATCH! (Also, Sox vs. Yanks. The Yanks won.)

Julia (10:40:46 PM): Felicity is ridiculously buff.
Rachel (10:40:59 PM): God, that dress on Felicity is such a winner.
Michelle (10:41:00 PM): Aw, they're not letting Hugh ad-lib.
Leven (10:41:28 PM): Does anyone watch Bros & Sis?
Michelle (10:41:38 PM): I've seen a couple eps.
Rachel (10:41:47 PM): Wow this is an incredible field. Leading Actress in a Drama - Patricia Arquette, Edie Falco, Minnie Driver (The Riches? Under the radar, like her gorgeous singing voice), Sally Field, Mariska Hargitay, Kyra Sedgwick. And the winner is....
Julia (10:41:49 PM): Oh Lord! Is Sally Field on amphetamines?
Rachel (10:41:53 PM): Ha - pun not intended!
Michelle (10:41:54 PM): I got a lot better as the season progressed.
Rachel (10:42:02 PM): "You like me! You really like me!"
Rachel (10:42:12 PM): God, fuschia is the color of the NIGHT!

2007-09-24-sallyandmcdreamy.JPGMichelle (10:42:30 PM): Which is actually a bit of a misquote.
Julia (10:43:01 PM): OH MY GOD THIS IS INSANE!!
Rachel (10:43:04 PM): Wow - Sally Field just totally freaking LOST IT!
Rachel (10:43:08 PM): Norma Rae, fighting for the rights of all Emmy winners!
Leven (10:43:15 PM): What the F was that blackout?
Michelle (10:43:16 PM): Wait, did that cut off for you guys?
Rachel (10:43:51 PM): It just cut off for me.

Update: We now know why — because Sally Field had an, er, message— "And let's face it: If mother's ruled the world there would be n--" Um, no war, maybe? Funny time for a technical glitch.

2007-09-17-InMemoriam.JPGRachel (10:44:52 PM): Aw - in memoriam. Sad every time. Some amazing people in here.
Michelle (10:46:16 PM): Nice that they got Jane Wyman in there -- that's fast editing.
Rachel (10:46:32 PM): Ed Bradley. Emmy winner.

2007-09-17-TinanJulia.JPGLeven (10:48:28 PM): These commercials are Super Bowl quality!
Michelle (10:48:48 PM): Oh, and to go back to your earlier [edited out] point, I love Jan Garner, but she's had a bad film run. [The point was, "This new movie with Jamie Foxx is gonna bommmmb."]
Michelle (10:49:27 PM): I mean, Elecktra? Catch and Release? Daredevil?
Rachel (10:49:32 PM): Ahem. 13 Going on 30!
Leven (10:50:16 PM): I actually tested for Elektra! With Jen! I was 13 and tearful!! It was amazing. But I even knew it would BOMB!
Michelle (10:50:42 PM): What part did you test for?
Leven (10:51:16 PM): Abby? Ii think was the name
Michelle (10:51:36 PM): House! I can't wait for the new season.
Julia (10:51:57 PM): Debra Messing looks incredible
Leven: (10:52:14 PM): GO AMERICA!!
Rachel (10:52:25 PM): I love the Shat. He's Canadian.
Leven (10:52:49 PM): Woo!
Rach (10:53:49 PM): Nominees for Oustanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: America, Tina, Felicity (that's a drama?) Julia, Mary-Louise. And the Emmy goes to...
Julia (10:55:03 PM): I think it was practically required that America Ferrera win.
Rachel (10:55:29 PM): Now the men: Lead Actor, Drama: Gandolfini, Laurie, Leary, Spader, Kiefer. And the Emmy goes to....
Michelle (10:55:44 PM): Woah. James Spader? Not right.
Michelle (10:57:04 PM): He looks genuinely stunned.
Rachel (10:57:44 PM): He is not alone.
Julia (10:57:06 PM): This guy is freaking hilarious. "I still have no idea who votes for these things or how you even secure a ballot."
Michelle (10:57:21 PM): Clearly -- no one thought he was going to win.
Michelle (10:57:41 PM): Because Gandolfini had Sopranos power behind him.
Michelle (10:58:00 PM): Hugh Laurie's won the last SAG and GG awards.
Michelle (10:58:23 PM): And even Tony Shalhoub's won three times.
Michelle (10:59:59 PM): That's def an upset.
Julia (11:02:19 PM): Heaton looks younger than ever,
Michelle (11:02:39 PM): Wow -- nice.
Rachel (11:02:42 PM): She's not shy about admitting to Botox and surgery. But yeah. She looks good.
Rachel (11:02:44 PM): WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Win for 30 Rock!
Michelle (11:02:45 PM): 30 Rock!
Rachel (11:02:47 PM): That is AMAZING!
Rachel (11:02:52 PM): And may I say, eat it, Sorkin!!!
Julia (11:03:05 PM): 30 ROCKN HURRAY!!!!!!!
Julia (11:03:14 PM): TIna Fey is having SEX tonight!
Michelle (11:04:29 PM): Now we just need other people to start watching.
Rachel (11:04:56 PM): Note that she thanked Kevin Reilly - recently ousted NBC exec. Now at - wait for it - Fox. Oy, I almost feel bad for Aaron Sorkin - except for that he had no clue how comedians interact with each other. That they have FUN. Anyone who's ever been to the UCB would know that. And the UCB is all over 30 Rock. So, yay!
(11:05:07 PM): "Thanks to our dozens and dozens of viewers" - ha!
Michelle (11:05:25 PM): However, as any die-hard Arrested Development fan knows, sadly, an Emmy doesn't not translate to viewers. I think 30 Rock will catch on.
Rachel (11:07:03 PM): It's that much more mainstream than AD.
Rachel (11:07:23 PM): Lots of good guest stars. Oh wait, AD had that. Well, never mind.
Michelle (11:07:41 PM): AD even had Charlize Theron.
Rachel (11:08:23 PM): Charlize Theron isn't exactly a FUN guest. Not like Will Arnett in a shortie robe.
Leven (11:09:08 PM): ...sorely missed by Leven. Glad Michael Cera is getting huge!
Rachel (11:9:33 PM): Cough. He's Canadian.
Michelle (11:09:53 PM): Final Award. Eight min over and counting.

Michelle (11:10:08 PM): Ha — there's your Journey.
Rachel (11:10:33 PM): Best Drama: Sopranos. Don't Stop Believin', baby.
Rachel (11:10:42 PM): How cool would it be if they cut to black during this?
Rachel (11:10:45 PM): This is the moment of the night. David Chase, his Sopranos cast, Steve Van Zandt in a doo-rag.
Rachel (11:12:01 PM): "Goodnight everybody!" Wow - that was an abrupt ending. Seacrest might as well have cut to black.
Rachel (11:12:05 PM): That would have been WAY cooler.
Michelle (11:12:34 PM): Yeah -- they're pretty over, time-wise.
Rachel (11:12:26 PM): All in all, a terrific show. Hit all the right notes for me. Plus, big ups to "I Left My Heart At Wounded Knee!"
Rachel (11:12:28 PM): And 30 Rock.
Michelle (11:14:36 PM): My fave moment was the Stewart-Carell-Colbert man-hug.
Rachel (11:15:42 PM): I know! Awesome!
Michelle (11:19:07 PM): Ok kids, I'm out.
Rachel (11:25:08 PM): Guys - thank you. Cut to black.