Lolo Jones Isn't A Fan Of The Olympic Cafeteria Food

Lolo Jones is not enjoying the food that's being served up in the Olympic cafeteria.

Jones uploaded a since-deleted video to her Instagram bemoaning the cuisine from the cafeteria at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. In the clip, the bobsled athlete could be seen chowing down on a plate of food.

"Just pretend it's a nice juicy steak," she said while eating a forkful.

She also dropped a line referencing 1999's "Life," asking teammate Jazmine Fenlator, "You gonna eat your cornbread?"

The United States Olympic Committee told Yahoo! they provide Olympians with on-site nutritionists, but it is up to the individual athletes to make healthy choices when eating.

While Fenlator told USA Today the Olympic cafeteria has a great variety of food, Jones was not as complimentary.

"She's being PG," she said. "She's being real PG. People always ask why there's a McDonald's in the Olympic village, and I think it's clear why. There's not one in the mountain village. You just make do."



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