Loretta Barella Rosa Found Dead Just 5 Hours After Denver Police Checked On Her During A Domestic Violence Call

Denver Police Chief Robert White has ordered an internal investigation after a woman was found murdered at her home over the weekend just hours after police had checked on her during a domestic violence call.

The body of 44-year-old Loretta Barella Rosa was discovered early Sunday morning and led to the arrest of her husband, Christopher Alex Perea, 41, on suspicion of first-degree murder.

According to a report by 9News, radio dispatch recordings and Chief White have confirmed that police were at Rosa's house checking on a domestic violence call just five hours before she was found dead.

"When I came upstairs, he (Perea) was dragging her off the front porch," a neighbor who only wished to be identified as Nancy told the Denver Post.

Nancy said Perea dragged her off the porch and across the street back into the house when she called 911. But 40 minutes later, she says no one came.

She called again and a dispatcher told her that they were trying to get an officer onto the scene.

“Exactly what actions they took to locate a potential victim is still to be determined as a result of the investigation I have ordered,” White said, according to KDVR. “I will tell you I have some concerns as well as it relates to how long it took for the run to be dispatched and once the officers got there, their actions as it relates to their efforts to contact potential witnesses or victims.”

Rosa was pronounced dead at the scene.



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