March Madness Mango Float

I had a request in March to do a Maria's Farm Country Kitchen float version of the McDonald's Shamrock Shake which I think is minty because it's green. But the problem is I don't really care for mint-flavored drinks unless the mint is REAL and my mint isn't up yet. It's usually ready in time for the Derby. So a mint-flavored float will have to wait until then.

I've been thinking about mangoes instead. I love a good mango lassi (which is mango juice mixed with yogurt) along with Indian food. But there is no reason we can't all enjoy a mango float. And after all, March is mostly known as the season of March Madness, which relates to basketball. And basketballs are often orange, just like mango juice! Plus, my husband's favorite team is the Orangemen of Syracuse, his alma mater. I could do an orange-flavored float instead, in honor of his team, but I think they are already out of the competition. Besides, I did an orange float last year.

OK, March is also known as the beginning of spring. ... but you can read about that in a previous post. Here is my recipe for a mango float. Feel free to experiment, of course. And serve as a snack or dessert, or with Indian food.

March Madness Mango Float


Mango juice (organic!)

Sparkling water


Vanilla frozen yogurt


1. Put ice in the glass and fill it 2/3 with mango juice.

2. Fill to the top with sparkling water.

3. Add a scoop of organic vanilla frozen yogurt (Stonyfield is always good).

Of course, add a straw and stir it up a bit and enjoy!

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