Mexican Senator Armando Rios Piter Addresses US-Mexico Relations in DC

05/03/2017 10:39 pm ET Updated May 04, 2017

The DC Latino Caucus hosted a discussion with Senator Armando Rios Piter on May 2. The event was one of many events organized for the Senator, while the Senator is on a US tour to meet with legislators, and key organizations. Other events in DC include lectures at Georgetown University, George Washington University, and panel discussions at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and the Wilson Center. Born in 1973, Senator Armando Rios Piter, represents the State of Guerrero in the LXII Legislature of the Mexican Congress, and previously served as Deputy. The state of Guerrero saw political turmoil in the 1990’s, but is now dealing with a drug and bang crisis, that has led to Guerrero being the state in Mexico with the most homicides, with 550 during the first 3 months of the year. The state of Guerrero has seen better days, just a few weeks ago leftist politician Demetrio Saldivar was assassinated there. Guerrero is also the state in Mexico where 43 students went missing, presumably killed by the crime gang Guerreros Unidos (United Warriors). But Senator Rios Piter is hoping to change not only the image of Mexico, but also the conditions of the Mexican people, both in Mexico and in the US. He recently announced his bid for the presidency of Mexico as an independent. While in the US, he will meet with Senator Bernie Sanders, and other key politicians. He is traveling to US cities heavily populated by Mexicans, like Los Angeles and Chicago, hoping to court early support for his candidacy. At the community meeting in Ward 1, in northwest DC, at La Casa, Senator Rios Piter was welcomed by Senator Paul Strauss, Representative Franklin Garcia, and Councilwoman Brianne Nadeau. Guests listened to a discussion moderated by DC Latino Caucus Vice President, Dr. Silvia Martinez, as Senator Rios Piter laid out his plan to deal with the proposed boarder wall between the US and Mexico, and how he would deal with the Trump Administration. The Senator also committed to helping DC’s fight for voting rights, and Statehood. The Mexican general election is scheduled for July 1, 2018.

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