MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC: At Just $74, Itty-Bitty Computer Undercuts Its Pint-Sized Rivals

In the tech world, smaller is better. Whether it's an iPad Mini or nano-technology used to create faster hard drives, the demand is for smaller gadgets and computers with increased processing power.

Chinese retailers recently began selling the MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC -- the newest device in the USB-sized family. Housed in a 3.5-inch plastic case, the Android PC, contains an AllWinner A10 single-core 1.5GHz ARM CPU, a Mali 400 GPU, and 512MB of RAM.

The defining characteristic of this tiny PC is not the processing power, but the price. At $74, the Android PC is one of the most inexpensive on the market for its size.

Recently, techies hailed the FXI Cotton Candy as the world's smallest PC. The size of a USB drive, The Cotton Candy is small, but not cheap, priced at $199. While FXI Technologies dragged out its market debut, first offering pre-orders with expected delivery in March, then delaying the release until May. The Android PC's release, by comparison, was a speedy one.

Though the Android PC uses the same GPU as the Cotton Candy, the later has a faster dual-core processor, double the RAM and does not require a HDMI cable in order to connect to a television or monitor.

However, despite the technical superiority of the Cotton Candy, the Android PC is priced nearly three times less than the $199 Cotton Candy. With the influx of tiny USB and credit-card-sized computers on the market, the race is to provide the smallest piece of equipment with the best logistics for the lowest price. As always the question persists, will you trade speed and RAM for cost?

Check out the gallery below to see the biggest changes in Android 4.0.

Biggest Changes In Android 4.0