'Monday Mornings' Premiere: David E. Kelley Drama Holds Surgeons Accountable For Their Mistakes (VIDEO)

David E. Kelley is back with a more somber series in "Monday Mornings." EW thought the mind behind "Ally McBeal" and "Boston Legal" might bring something a little more fun, but they still liked the premiere. The drama follows the neurosurgery team at a hospital in Portland, with many of the key elements centering around the meetings the surgeons have with their chief, Dr. Hooten. The weekly meetings are where the surgeons are held accountable for the mistakes that cost patients' lives.

In the premiere, there were two such meetings. The first one was for a case the viewers did not see, though Dr. Martin, who failed to diagnose a patient's cancer, was considered a terrible doctor by his colleagues. He apparently has a history of carelessness that has cost multiple lives.

The second was the tragic death of a young boy at the hands of the series lead, Dr. Wilson. A scan showed a massive tumor in the boy's brain that was operated on immediately. Unfortunately, the doctor was unable to control the boy's bleeding.

In the "Monday Morning" meeting, Dr. Hooten asked if Dr. Wilson had looked into the boy's family history. He failed to do so on the father's side, as he was "out of the picture." But there were records of the father having a condition that leads to uncontrollable bleeding. The boy had a 50% chance of having this problem and Dr. Wilson didn't even check into it.

The meetings are designed to help the surgeons be better, and by having everyone there it also keeps them accountable as a team. It's an interesting additional area of exploration for an otherwise straightforward medical drama.

Tune in for more meetings on "Monday Mornings," every Monday night at 10 p.m. EST on TNT.

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