10/24/2016 08:05 am ET

Monday's Morning Email: Tight Senate Races Take Center Stage

It's a toss-up for who will take the Senate majority.
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OBAMA, AND THE REST OF THE COUNTRY, LOOK TO THE SENATE RACES President Barack Obama has turned his attention to the Senate, as Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump continues. Here are the tight Senate races to watch. [Howard Fineman, Jason Linkins and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]

IRAQI KURDS RECLAIM CITY OUTSIDE MOSUL The U.S.-backed offensive now has the town of Bashiqa. [Reuters]

BREAKING DOWN THAT $85 BILLION AT&T BID FOR TIME WARNER And what in the world it means for the telecommunications and media landscapes. [NYT]

‘CHILDREN DON’T ALWAYS LIVE’ “I had a child die, and I chose to become a father again. There can be no greater definition of stupidity or bravery; insanity or clarity; hubris or grace.” [NYT]

1960s ANTI-WAR ACTIVIST TOM HAYDEN DIES The “stalwart of America’s New Left” was 76. [Reuters]

THE GROWING DESERTS OF CHINA “Nearly 20 percent of China is desert, and drought across the northern region is getting worse. One recent estimate said China had 21,000 square miles more desert than what existed in 1975 ― about the size of Croatia. As the Tengger expands, it is merging with two other deserts to form a vast sea of sand that could become uninhabitable.” [NYT]


WE ARE STILL REELING FROM LAST NIGHT’S ‘WALKING DEAD’ And may still be sobbing over those that now RIP. [HuffPost]

THE CUBS ARE HEADED TO THE WORLD SERIES And while the rest of the Internet (and definitely Bill Murray) are celebrating, The Morning Email’s St. Louis Cardinals allegiance holds strong. If we have to read another story about Theo Epstein’s curse-breaking ways... [Reuters]


APPLE MAY KILL THE USB PORT IN THE MAC Because getting rid of the headphone jack wasn’t enough. [The Next Web]

NATALIE PORTMAN AND EMMA STONE ARE CHEERS-ING TO BETTER BEST ACTRESS OSCAR CHANCES After Viola Davis submitted her turn in “Fences” as a supporting role for the SAG Awards. [Vulture]


~ This woman tried to poison her co-workers by adding cleaning solutionto the coffee machine, making you second-guess that cup of joe you are holding right now.

~ The polling team discusses how a Trump win at this point would mean the greatest polling fail of all time.

~ We’re with Nick Visser ― this video is scarier than anything else you’ll see on Halloween.

~ Of course Curt Schilling is joining Breitbart.

~ In the definition of shade, Taylor Swift’s only concert of 2016 featured her first performance of the Calvin Harris song she co-wrote.

~ Yes, this is a video of President Barack Obama dancing to “Hotline Bling.”

~ Cleveland really, really loves its NBA championship trophy

~ And you thought Tinder is hard: In Iceland, you often need to check out a database to make sure you’re not related to the person wooing you.


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