My Conversation With Rusty Reno on Gay Marriage (AUDIO)

For some years I was a well-known opponent of gay marriage. I testified at the Prop 8 trial in California. But last year I changed my mind and, earlier this year, with 75 others, launched what we are calling "a new conversation on marriage," a conversation that aims to get beyond the culture wars and end forever the conflict between gay rights and family values.

Some friends from my anti-gay-marriage days like this new direction, and some don't. Rusty Reno is one who doesn't. Rusty is the editor of First Things, a leading conservative-leaning journal of religious opinion, and he's a smart and good man who has important things to say. That's why I wanted to reach out to him in this conversation. You'll see that we work hard during our talk to "achieve disagreement," to see where the differences really are rather than just exchange talking points or play the dozens.


Listen to the podcast here.

My dream is a new pro-marriage coalition in America, a coalition of conservatives who are pro-family enough to break bread with gays and lesbians who are also pro-family; liberals who care about marriage even when the word "gay" is not in front of it; and gays and lesbians fighting for marriage equality who also want to strengthen marriage for everyone.

As of now, Rusty Reno has deep reservations about this idea. Agree or disagree, I think you'll find him engaging and interesting, as I did.

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