10/16/2006 12:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

NEW CAPTION CONTEST! Bush & Hastert begging HuffPo readers to write captions!

hastertandbush copy.jpg(Photo: AP)

Sometimes they just leap out at you...

This photo is just BEGGING for a caption from the witty readers of HuffPo.

Will you focus on Bush's white-knuckle clinging to the lectern? His shifty, sideways glance seeking approval?

Will the looks of messianic approval on the faces of the two acolytes behind the President spark your imagination?

Or perhaps that sheepish hangdog look on Denny Hastert - hands strategically-placed to protect his Speakerdom - will inspire you.

Go for it!

Speech balloons. "Thought" balloons. Overall caption. Whatever you like.

Pithy is preferred and more likely to be a winner.

I wait with bated breath...