09/19/2017 07:16 am ET Updated Sep 19, 2017

Noah Syndergaard Just Sent A Trump-Bashing Tweet About Hurricanes

"Stick to baseball," one commenter sniped.

Noah Syndergaard just threw President Donald Trump a high, hard one on Twitter.

The injured Mets pitching ace on Monday used the barrage of hurricanes to seemingly diss the president for dumping the Paris Climate Agreement.

Syndergaard, who included a #imatexanrepublican hashtag, received a “stick to baseball” comment from at least one responder, but others applauded him for expressing his view: 

As for the science of linking the frequency and fury of recent hurricanes to climate change, well, that’s complicated.

Syndergaard, expected to return to pitching in a major league game soon after recovering from a torn lat muscle, noted his own karma problem. He refused to have an MRI in April for biceps soreness, and the lat issue emerged in his next start, resulting in months of recovery.



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