Parents, This Social Media-Free Phone Is Perfect For Your Kiddos (Or You)

The new “dumb” phone is a cell phone that’s designed to be used as little as possible.
03/13/2018 12:46 pm ET

So your kid has started asking for a cell phone. Ugh. With the black hole that is social media, you’re understandably hesitant. But the Light Phone 2 might change your mind.


The new “dumb” phone is a cell phone that’s designed to be used as little as possible... meaning it features zero access to social media (or any apps at all, for that matter). The bare-bones device offers only the essentials: calling, texting and alarm functions.

To be honest, we kind of want one ourselves. (Whoops, just lost another three hours scrolling through Instagram.) While the Light Phone 2 wasn’t designed specifically for kids, it just happens to be perfect for parents who want the peace of mind that a phone call or text might bring, without the anxiety and time-suck of yet another screen.

The model is currently sold out, but you can preorder the phone for $250 on Indiegogo for an estimated April 2019 delivery.