07/25/2016 10:03 am ET Updated Jul 25, 2016

Parody Video Nails Reggaeton's Big A** Problem

Objectifying women is so catchy!

Brace yourselves for what could be the reggaeton song of the every summer, featuring: women being objectified. 

In a Flama video that was posted July 20, comedians Joanna Hausmann and Lee Chin show viewers what reggaeton songs would sound like if they were honest in a satirical music video titled “Ass, Ass, Ass.”

Reggaeton songs, not unlike other genres of music, often rely on using women as sexual props in music videos and lyrics. We’re talking close-up shots of women’s butts, violent metaphors, and the glamorization of the “player” lifestyle. 

“See a little shorty, I give a wink with my eye because she’s the kind of mami I wanna objectify,” Chin sings in the video.

Hausmann, who is featured in the video, also shows how reggaeton music tends to focus on a woman’s sexuality and nothing more. 

“Moan, moan, this part I moan ― make other sex sounds but mostly moan,” Hausmann sings. “Every gesture I make is sexual, don’t worry I won’t be intellectual.”

Oh and let’s not forget about the “mime thing”...

Watch the full video above. 



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