Paul Ryan's Slip About 'Preventing' Trump Was Best Part Of The SOTU

Freudian slip, perhaps?

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Donald Trump’s supporters may have enjoyed the president’s first State of the Union address, but the highlight for many people was the way House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) introduced it.

“I have the high privilege and the distinct honor of preventing, uh, presenting to you the president of the United States,” Ryan said.

Here’s a clip from C-SPAN.

Whether it was a just a verbal slip of the tongue or an inadvertent expression of Ryan’s true feelings may never be known ― it’s not like Ryan would admit it.

Still, the gaffe provided amusement to many people on Twitter ― and that’s what really matters, right?

Of course, a lot of people drew on the lessons learned from their Intro to Psychology class.

Others suspected Ryan’s intro was really a cry for help.

Others let GIFs express how they felt.

One man lamented the decline of verbal facility in politicians.

But Ryan was no one-trick pony when it came to meme-able moments, as his reaction when Trump said “In God We Trust” amply demonstrates.

As you might expect, the action inspired many comments on Twitter.

Although many people seemed to enjoy making fun of Ryan, one man had a simple solution to help the speaker prevent himself from becoming a meme in the future.



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