04/20/2017 12:21 pm ET

You Definitely Missed This Huge 'A.D.' Clue On 'Pretty Little Liars'

What is happening??

We’re down to the final nine episodes of “Pretty Little Liars,” meaning we’re that much closer to the big reveal: Who is Uber “A” and what is their damage, Heather? Well, a major clue hidden in this week’s premiere might just answer that question.

One intrepid “Pretty Little Liars” viewer, Annie, unearthed a tiny detail in Tuesday night’s episode that may shed light on “A.D.’s” identity. 

At the end of the episode, an anonymous figure hands Jenna a binder. We can’t see their face, but we can see a small piece of their hair ― a reddish brown lob that’s about the same length and color as Paige McCullers’ new ‘do.

Could Emily’s ex-girlfriend be “A.D.”?

For what it’s worth, the men behind the “Bros Watch PLL Too!” podcast are fully behind Annie’s theory. They shared a screen grab of Paige’s haircut from earlier in the episode, and dang it if they don’t match up. The “Bros” added that Paige’s position at Rosewood High is “Athletic Department Supervisor,” which has two very important letters in it: “A.D.” 

Has Twitter solved the Uber “A” mystery at last?

“Pretty Little Liars” showrunner I. Marlene King has revealed that the A.D. reveal will be heartbreakingly sad. There’s no doubt that it would be awful for Emily to find out that her former flame had been stalking and terrorizing her all along. But we’re still not 100 percent convinced.

We’ll just have to continue watching the final season to find out! If we got a clue this big right off the bat, there’s no telling what the PLL Twitter sleuths will dig up next. 

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