Puzzling Polls Signal Disconnect

If the recent polls, including the CNN/ORC one released the week of December 23, are any indication, then America has lost its collective mind: whether it's the 49 percent to 44 percent lead the Republicans enjoy in a hypothetical election or the tie that other polls show, the fact is, it's close. And that's so puzzling. Because the same polling says that a vast majority of Americans disapprove of Congress, dubbing it the "Do Nothing" Congress, and a majority of Americans do not believe the economy is better for them in 2013.

So, America hates Congress, is upset about the economy, but the parties are tied or Republicans even have a slight edge? That just doesn't make any sense. And I know we are the same nation that now has a petition of 250,000 signatures to put an offensive individual who misuses religion as a means to hate and disapprove back on TV, but come on, we can't be THAT far off base, can we? And if so, how?

How is it the party of obstruction, division, of actual hatred towards some Americans (based on actual speeches or interviews of its members), a party that has refused to do the People's business and even shut down the government over an ideological battle on already passed legislation... how, how, how in 1,234,342 years could they be tied or leading in any poll? I just don't get it.

Is it our media in this country? In the last month Los Angeles (KTLK), San Francisco (Green960) and New York City (WWRL) lost their only Progressive radio stations. Fox News dominates the news ratings. Has the Right succeeded in convincing Americans that they aren't fully responsible for a majority of the mess that we are in? From the trillion-dollar illegal occupation and subsequent destruction of Iraq to the unending ridiculousness of Afghanistan, this party has protected the rich, cut from the poor consistently, refused to legislate and followed marching orders from the one percent. How is this not obvious to Americans, any American, regardless of party?

Social issues, economic issues, issues of equality (including income), the Republican party consistently and very vocally has refused to do anything about the real issues that face America until their demands are met: Defund Obamacare, cut Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicare and, above all, as stated five years ago plainly, Do NOT work with the President on ANYTHING. Block everything he wants and do not recognize him as legitimate (there are STILL members that question his birthplace).

And this is not to say that Democrats have been a model of how to succeed in a Democracy with a happy, healthy, productive, well-educated populous. True they have faced huge obstruction from Republicans and Tea Party Members, but a country emerging from the fog of the Bushtonian years needed fighters, leaders, champions, Mavericks, innovators and, well, we needed Great. We got OK. We got good. We needed GREAT.

But America, I don't care what you watch on reality TV but don't forget that when it comes to the country, if one must apportion blame for the mess, well, eight years of Bush and his will, followed by years of John Boehner and the "do nothing" Congress he has led has harmed us more than helped. Bush and Boehner have at least one thing in common, as much as the party doesn't want to admit it: they are Republicans.

I could rant, call people traitors, or idiots, or both, and may on my radio show, probably not. You see, the message isn't getting through and now no one wants to hear the real, harsh truth. People are tuning out, and the ones staying tuned appear to be very, very, very, did I say very(?) conservative. I understand. When I see these polls I think, all is lost. If people don't really see how we got here, then we are doomed.

But it's not too late. 2014 is just about to begin. So instead of making a quick decision for a pollster, how about both sides take a long look at their members of Congress, their records, what they have or have not accomplished. When looking at parties to represent YOU, make sure they do. Are you homophobic? The Republican Party (not all of its members, but its platform) is, including John Boehner blocking a vote on a bill that would have made sure GLBT Americans can't be fired in 31 states for being themselves. He said it was a job killer. They refuse to work on a real immigration plan to help the millions of Americans, yes, Americans, that want to be LEGAL Americans. They cut food stamps, a $74 billion a year program, but buy $75 billion a month of bonds from Wall Street.

Please, look. Look for yourself. Take the next few months to, for five or ten minutes a day, really, truly look. Not at the TV.. Not at biased websites or blogs. But look at the true positions, the true policies, the true actions of members of each party. As a registered Independent I'm not suggesting you join one or the other or pick. I"m simply suggesting look at the major players, at their records and their tone, and then decide.

Because if America would shut out the noise from cable news, from right wing radio, from blogs or sites that don't employ actual journalists, and simply listen to what these people are truly saying, and doing or not doing, there would be no choice at all.

First, we'd throw them ALL out and elect some younger, more forward thinking candidates, call them progressives or whatever you like. People that know it is right to care for all our people (a country that claims such religion spends a lot of time fighting over just how much to help the poor, the homeless, the hungry, the sick... that's another thing that just seems wrong). That everyone counts, is equal, regardless of social stature, and that we can, in fact, afford to care and defend and educate and do it all. Mandela himself believed poverty was man made, and it is. And like him, I believe we could unmake it if we had the will. It's time to find those with the will.

Barring that, and that won't happen, be sure before you side with a Party you are quite sure you are not voting against your own self interest. It's not about them, it's about us. And we all agree WE, the PEOPLE are not having our needs met. Take a look at who is, and who is serving them those needs, and it becomes clear what must be done in next year's election. Let's put us first at the polls this time, not a party or a party allegiance.

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