07/31/2015 10:49 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2015

Maddow: Republicans 'Don't Give A Flying Combover' Whether Trump Is Electable

The conventional wisdom is that conservative voters will turn away from the reality TV star. Here's why that's wrong.

Donald Trump securing the Republican presidential nomination would be the greatest gift Democrats could ask for -- and Rachel Maddow thinks there’s a good chance that could happen.

“All this Beltway wisdom about how Donald Trump’s star is going to fall because of all the ways he is not electable,” Maddow said on her show Thursday, “there’s a reason why all that Beltway common wisdom keeps getting proven wrong with each new passing day.”

Indeed, the conventional wisdom among political prognosticators is that Republican voters will ultimately turn away from Trump because he’s just not electable. A recent NBC News/Marist poll found Trump trailing in a matchup against Hillary Clinton by a whopping 12 percentage points, and against Bernie Sanders by 8 points.

None of that matters, says Maddow. That’s because, in the same poll, 67 percent of Republican primary voters said it was more important that they agree with a candidate on the issues than that he or she stands the best chance of winning.

“Republican voters do not give a flying combover about who is electable,” Maddow said on her show Thursday night. “They just want somebody to fall in love with and they’ve fallen in love with him.”

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