01/19/2007 09:03 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Report from the ICU: Jane Hamsher Fights the Very Good Fight

I've just gotten back from visiting Jane Hamsher in the ICU unit at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. For those of you that don't know, Jane has been diagnosed with breast cancer -- her third go-around with it -- and underwent 8 hours of surgery yesterday.

The surgery went well. Now it's a matter of getting back the pathology reports and figuring out the next treatment options.

Jane was in remarkable spirits -- up and walking around the ICU unit, eager to talk politics -- and especially Libby. She looks so great you have to keep reminding yourself what she's just been through. And she kept stressing again and again her gratitude to everyone for their love and support.

As you know, no one has been more passionate about covering the Plame leak story than Jane. So much so that, before going under the knife, she made her doctor's promise that she'd be able to fly in two weeks so that, after a little recoup time, she'd be able to be in Washington to make use of the press pass we got that will allow her to be in the Libby courtroom. Pachacutec has been making great use of the pass in the meantime.

Knowing Jane, she'll be there -- in a low-cut dress -- ready for bear. And for Dick Cheney. According to Jane's close friend Tom Swan, when Jane was being wheeled into surgery, in her anesthetized twilight state, she muttered to the doctors: "I have to be back in DC in two weeks to watch Dick Cheney sweat on the stand." Good thing Jane's surgeon, Armando Giuliano, is not among the deluded few who still approve of the VP.

Jane, we love you, we miss your voice online, and can't wait to read your Libby takes.