03/28/2008 02:44 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Republicans Have Been Tripping Over Each Other...Trying To Get Their Stories Straight"...

Excerpted from Newsweek:

...The secret world of Mark Foley--and the denial and bumbling of the House leaders who possibly did not want to know too much about that world--is beginning to emerge in bits and pieces of lurid detail. What actually happened--from the moment that Hill staffers first became aware of Congressman Foley's unusual interest in teenage congressional pages--is the source of intrigue, finger-pointing, shock, fear and loathing on Capitol Hill and of endless fascination around the country. No wonder: the political fortunes of the Republican Party hang in the balance....

...Republicans have been tripping over each other for days trying to get their stories straight on who knew what and when. The various explanations have only served to obfuscate. In the end, the Republicans may not be able to escape the irony of the Foley scandal. In 2004, the GOP helped get President George W. Bush re-elected by turning out the base, especially the Christian right, to vote for state bans on gay marriage. In 2006, the GOP may lose control of Congress because it didn't try harder to investigate a gay congressman who was also a sexual predator.

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