'Revenge': Jack Finds Out Some Truths About Emily And Amanda's Past Together (VIDEO)

After the tragic death of Amanda in the last episode of "Revenge," Emily became more committed than ever to renew her revenge plot against the Graysons. She even decided that trying to take them down through legal means was actually more of a distraction. She should stick to the kind of clever revenge she was getting up to in the early episodes of Season 1.

But there were other "distractions" to deal with in this episode. There was Amanda's funeral, and a discovery by Jack that only began to reveal the truth to him. He discovered a locker that had information revealing Amanda and Emily's shared past and confronted Emily about it.

"On top of all the misery, to find out you were lying to me too?" he said, feeling fully betrayed. "You didn’t just know each other, you were like sisters."

Jack didn't want to hear any more from Emily, and he couldn't hear her when she told him the partial truth that Amanda truly loved him. TVLine loved the exchange, praising the writing and acting performances of both Emily VanCamp and Nick Wechsler.

Of course, he's yet to find out that Emily is actually Amanda, though she contemplated telling him. Nolan was probably right in that this wasn't the time. And then there was Amanda's foster brother, who showed up at the funeral. The closing scene with him standing next to Emily -- the true Amanda -- perfectly captured just how dangerous his presence is to her plans.

See how she handles it as "Revenge" continues on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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