07/26/2016 03:28 am ET

Samantha Bee Is Falling A Little Bit In Love With 'Walking Hug' Tim Kaine

"Take my panties, Tim Kaine. I mean my vote. No, I mean my panties."

Samantha Bee is seriously warming to Hillary Clinton’s choice of running mate.

The “Full Frontal” host was initially skeptical about the selection of Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) as the Democratic vice presidential nominee.

“You had a historic chance to shut white men out of the executive branch,” Bee said of Clinton. “You could have turned the men’s room into a pedicure-and-’Gilmore Girls’-screening room.”

Instead, Bee claimed Clinton was “trying to set America up with the son of a coworker she barely knows.” 

However, Bee’s opinion of Kaine changed after she analyzed one of his speeches. With his “compassion” and “humanity,” she likened him to a “walking hug.”


Check it out in the clip above.