Sarah Palin on the Gulf Spill: Prayer and the Invisible Hand Will Deliver Us From Eco-Disaster

The Gulf disaster proves, at a minimum, that Sarah Palin's mindless slogans like "Drill Baby Drill" are not enough to make good energy or environmental policy.

A video by Americans for America PAC, which I co-direct, tries to make that case as simply as possible, juxtaposing Palin's chanting tea party hordes with a few images from the Gulf.

And yet, even in the face of the greatest disaster the Gulf has ever seen, Palin still refuses to admit any error or nuance. Malia Litman noted Sarah Palin's reaction to the Gulf Disaster here in HuffPost yesterday. Here was her tweet from Friday:

That's right -- Palin's 2 part response to the BP disaster is faith-based spill clean up (but no government action), and industry efforts -- the free market -- because the invisible hand is so good and scrubbing sludge from pelicans.

Say wha?!?!?

Then, just when you would hope she would have backed off slogan-based politics out of respect for the Gulf victims, she blithely says, "My dad always says, 'Don't retreat, just reload.'"

One of these days, when Palin reloads, her slogan gun will backfire one time too many, destroying her credibility, even to the Tea Partiers, once and for all.