Sarah Silverman's Dad Crashes Site That Ran Rabbi Rosenblatt's Open Letter

You wouldn't like Sarah Silverman's dad when he's angry. Neither would your servers.

Apparently, after Donald Silverman tore into on a scathing open letter to his comedian daughter from a Rabbi, the site hosting the letter,, suffered a server crash from all the additional traffic. The site gave a tongue-in-cheek explanation of the problem on Tuesday in a post entitled Sarah Silverman Took Us Down:

Apparently nothing is more important in the world than Sarah Silverman and her uterus. As the entire world, and her father, have decided to visit (and revisit) the website to read and comment on Rabbi Rosenblatt’s article.
Unfortunately, our server is having trouble keeping up with this unbelievable volume of traffic.

We apologize if you’re among those who haven’t been able to access the site (but then how are you reading this?), and congratulations, if you’ve made it to this point.

We’re temporarily tweaking the server’s capabilities right now to handle this very incredible spike, and appreciate your understanding. If you can’t get on, please try again in a few minutes.

You can read Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt's original letter -- along with Mr. Silverman's amazing comments -- here. If the page doesn't load, just give it a minute.



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