02/05/2006 06:14 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

School Lunch Blog, Part 2

Now that im at a new school I have a part two to the school lunch blog.

At my new school the variety is much bigger but the food is still very nasty! I have to admit the slushys are good. There is one thing that that grosses me out, the Tyson Machine. It amazes me that people eat out of it. The Tyson Machine is a vending Machine that you press a button with a picture of what you want, it is frozen in the machine, wrapped in plastic, then nuked and brought down the shoot for you to eat. First of all, the plastic melts into the food -- im guessing that can't be good for you -- and most the frozen food is meat. I would not trust the machine to provide fresh healthy meat. But it seems to be a success to some people in my school. I think its because students don't know what there eating.