10/07/2016 10:53 am ET

We Need To Talk About Sean Penn Dating Vincent D’Onofrio's 24-Year-Old Daughter


Somehow, somewhere, a straight-faced Charlize Theron looks out at a sunset, breathes in deeply and cracks a smile. 

Photos of Sean Penn kissing someone young enough to actually know what ghosting is surfaced online Thursday. The woman in question is none other than actor Vincent D’Onofrio’s 24-year-old daughter, Leila George, who is apparently vacationing in Hawaii with the Oscar winner this week. 

[insert “Law & Order” DUN DUN] 

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In photos from their getaway, a shirtless Penn and a bikini-clad George are seen frolicking in the ocean together before sharing a romantic moment in the waves. It’s very “From Here to Eternity,” except if Burt Lancaster’s character was just a year shy of Deborah Kerr’s much-older father. (Penn is 56, D’Onofrio is 57.) 

Penn has no social media footprint, but George shared an Instagram of herself and a friend on a beach. In the photo, she is wearing a similar bikini on the same day she was caught kissing the actor. 

Oahu | Hawaii 🌺

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George, who calls actress Greta Scacchi and D’Onofrio mom and dad, has apparently followed in her parents’ footsteps, most recently starring alongside James Franco in the Lifetime TV movie “Mother May I Sleep with Danger?” In fact, she’s set to appear in another film with Franco next year called “The Long Home.”

She’s also recording an audio book for a “men-noir” (no one knows what that is) called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff with Penn’s help. Earlier this week, she shared a snap of them together in a recording booth. 

Behold some family photos of George and D’Onofrio to make you feel even more uncomfortable about this pairing below: 

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