'Smoke the Hookah' Is the New Song to Blaze to for 420

04/19/2017 12:51 am ET

Here at The 420 Times, we're always looking for new music to blaze to. It's just not a good smoke session unless you have the right tunes playing. Recently, we heard Raspin Stuwart's "Smoke the Hookah," and we think it fits the bill.

With 4/20 this month, we celebrate with the new enlightened laws that have swept states such as California, Colorado and Washington. While we still have a journey ahead of us in so many other states to assert our God-given rights to live our ways of life as we wish, the momentum continues to build. Raspin’s “Smoke the Hookah” inspires us to “get up and stand up – stand up for your rights. These are human rights; we’ve got to fight so peacefully. Unite, people!”

“Get up and stand up – stand up for your rights.These are human rights; we’ve got to fight so peacefully.Unite, people!”

The song came out just in time for 4/20, and it mixes reggae with some experimental flavors. Raspin is the publisher of Boulevard Magazine, an entertainment and restaurant magazine, and he's also been making music for years. He's putting out a new CD later this year, and it's sure to be like nothing you've ever heard. We're hoping for a few more tunes to smoke to.  Check out his website for tour dates and updates

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