02/10/2016 02:11 pm ET Updated Apr 24, 2018

Smoothie Bowl Recipes For All Your Breakfast Needs

Best way to start the day, no question.
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Smoothies are most often thought of as a beverage, drank from a cup with a straw. But that's not the only way to enjoy this iced fruit (and sometimes veggie) beverage. It's now being blended up thick, served in a bowl and loaded with lots of delicious toppings. Basically, the smoothie has been upgraded and it's time you got in on this deliciously healthy trend.

Smoothie bowls make a great, filling breakfast -- more filling than the traditional smoothie thanks to the toppings. They make an awesome, sweet-tooth satisfying snack -- without all that refined sugar that usually makes its way into our mouths when the 4 p.m. crash hits. And, they're even a good substitute for an ice cream sundae. No joke.

Check out these beauties and tell us you don't agree.