Some Awesome Fancy dress and costumes ideas Every Woman Should Know

10/15/2016 06:53 am ET

With these awesome fashion tips and costumes ideas in hand, you're well on your way to improving your fashion skills. Whether it's your frustration with never feeling satisfied with the clothes you own or your desire to learn some skills to help you bring more life to your ensembles, each tip should inspire you to try something new and learn how to get more out of your closet.

Dresses can be skirts

You read it right. Try adding a blouse over your dress and belting it. The look is perfect for a festival or a Sunday morning brunch in the summer or fall.

Makeup can be a source of appeal to, otherwise, bland clothing.

In a rush to get dressed and don't have time to find the ideal ensemble? Throw on a classic black or white dress and try a bold lip color like a vintage red or a glossy, bright pink.

Play with layers

Even in the hot months of the year layers can be achieved by adding a thin, lace vest or kimono-style shawl over a sundress or tank top and shorts. In any season, layers add interest and movement to your outfit and friends will compliment you for your stylishness.

Explore textures

If you look closely, you'll notice fashion magazines play with texture a lot. Whether it's the model's hair or having them wear a leather jacket with a fur tuft or silk with denim - adding texture can make you look high-fashion and expensive.

Invest in a "statement piece"

Whatever that item may be for you, seek it, buy it, and own it. For me, it's a clunky 1970's turquoise necklace. When worn, it takes up more than half of my chest, and I love wearing it with simple items to give my outfit more personality.

Invest in a blazer

A blazer is a much needed investment for any woman, because it can take any simple sundress to business casual instantly. Blazers aren't just for the office anymore; they're multi-purposeful and are a great dress-up idea, adding sophistication to any outfit.

Metallica are neutrals

Silver shoes? A gold belt? These accessories can be worn with any color in the rainbow. Although, gold tens to look nicer with warmer colors or jewel tones, while silver looks beautiful with blues and whites and grays.

Differing patterns can be worn together

Subtle pinstripes can look great with a large or small print polka-dotted fabric, as long as the two are within the same family or colors. A red, pink, and white floral skirt can pair perfectly with a red and white striped top. Don't be afraid to mix and match; this tip can add cute quirkiness to your wardrobe.

Buy funky colored accessories

You may be attracted to color, in general, often buying neon green dresses and hot pink heels and vibrant floral skirts. That's awesome. But you may find yourself with a wardrobe that doesn't always work (one of those classic cases of, "I don't have anything to wear!" when you have 500 things). To ensure you can still enjoy funky, vibrant colors, choose to buy them when you see them as accessories. A black dress may be too simple for you, but paired with hot pink heels or a lime green statement necklace, you find it works better and you have more opportunity to mix and match.

Find your color and run with it

To get the most of your closet, try to keep within the rough guidelines of following a color scheme, such as you would when interior decorating. If you feel fantastic in blush pink, don't stuff your closet with the color, but keep it as the main course, finding other colors that work well with it (such as, pale blue, black, white, khaki green, etc.).

Don't let anyone tell you own too many shoes

Every serious fashionista should own at least three season-friendly pair of shoes in every color. For me, this means owning a pair of black booties (winter/fall), a pair of black sandals (spring/summer), and a pair of black heels (special occasions). Then, I own booties, sandals, and heels or wedges, also in brown or nude. This ensures you have a shoe for every outfit for any type or weather or occasion. After this base of neutral-tones shoes, you can grow your closet in funky, fun colors like yellow or Kelly green wedges.

Button-downs aren't just over-shirts

Many times you can add some new life to your closet by looking at your items in a new way. For example, many of us may own a button-down or two, whether it's plaid or chambray, this common fashion item looks great under sweaters, shirts, and even dresses. It's preppy, cute, and can add spunk to any outfit that's lacking in color or texture.

Fancy dresses don't have to retire after one event

We like to indulge in buying a new fancy dress for those random, special occasions in our life. Often times, however, we may find ourselves not wearing the dress again. Try taking the dress to a professional to have it shortened or altered in some way to make it feel new again. You may be able to make the once-special-occasion dress into a dress you could wear to more casual events that happen more often.

Don't be afraid to layer with your jewelry

A ring on every finger may be too much, but two to three on each hand may be tasteful if you're trying to achieve a festival or summer bohemian look. Similarly, layering necklaces or varying lengths adds definition and compels others to look more keenly at your style choices and possibly compliment them!

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