05/26/2017 08:57 am ET

Stephen Colbert Hates Trumpcare As Much As New CBO Study Does

The numbers don't lie.

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert is riding a ratings wave in part because of his nightly mocking of President Donald Trump.

And he continued his top form on Thursday, when he broke down the findings of a new study of the unpopular GOP healthcare bill. The Trump-backed plan passed in the House this month.

A Congressional Budget Office report estimated this week that the GOP’s retooled legislation would strip 23 million Americans of coverage and raise premiums for older and poorer people by up to 850 percent.

Ecstatic Republicans, Colbert said, “were so excited about providing the affordable health care to everyone that they didn’t wait to find out if they were providing affordable healthcare to anyone.” 

Now the host says he’s considering his own prostate exam.

Watch the whole bit above.