Stop Global Warming College Tour: Nashville, TN

Spending the past week speaking to thousands of college students across the Southeast, the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech has really hit home. We would like to take this opportunity to send our sympathies to the families and friends of the victims. In remembrance of those taken from us this past Monday in Blacksburg, we are taking a moment of silence at each tour stop this week. --Sheryl & Laurie


Every day is bringing about new surprises as we work our way towards our Earth Day celebration in Washington, DC.

Our bus was parked in the hotel parking lot this morning and as we disembarked, we were lucky enough to get a surprise visit from country music star Jack Ingram. He was hot off his win for the Wide Open Country Video of the Year at the CMT awards last night, which, incidentally, Sheryl was also up for but was sadly defeated. We were so excited to hear that he had just become our newest virtual marcher on the Stop Global Warming Virtual March -- you can read his statement here. What a cool dude.

Our other surprise was a visit by former Vice President Al Gore who sat and talked with us on the bus about what he hopes to see happen in this country as the stop global warming movement catches fire. Having the former Vice President visit was like having your dad show up for Father's Weekend at the sorority house. We were giddy with excitement and proud to show him our home away from home.

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