Stylish and cool summer and Labor Day fashion must haves for him

06/20/2016 12:43 am ET Updated Aug 16, 2016

For those counting down the days of summer, mark those calendars for September 22, 2016. Whether it’s embracing an unforgetable summer or looking forward to Labor Day Weekend vacation, be sure to look and feel cool and confidant ― not sloppy and sweaty. For example, sandals and tees can be fashionable. Go ahead and make a lasting impression by dressing sharp, smart, trendy and well put together, without sacrificing comfort. Below are some great brands and fashion ideas for men to look and feel cool and collect, confidant and comfortable.

Jack Rogers for Men offers sandals, loafers and drivers. Jack Rogers, an iconic shoe brand famous for its Navajo sandals since the sixties, isn’t just for women and girls ― it’s for men too! Jack Rogers is one of the most sought after footwear of choice for resort wear. The men collection offers sandals in nubuck, sseersucker, plaid, suede and more. Jack Rogers’ loafers & drivers collection is quite impressive too. There’s a pair for every type of man with great taste. Its iconic design, spectacular color combinations have been a top favorite since 1960’s for for grown ups, kids and babies too!

Jack Rogers isn't just for Women, Girls and Babies -- it's for Men too!
Photo courtesy of Jack Rogers, used with permission
Jack Rogers isn't just for Women, Girls and Babies -- it's for Men too!

Michael Strahan Collection at JC Penney is great for work, because it looks classy without breaking the bank. MSX by Michael Strahan launched recently this spring and is perfect for summer and Labor Day wear, because the NFL Super Bowl Hall of Famer and man of many talents (super media personality and contributor on the ABC morning television show Good Morning America, foofball analyst, actor, father ― and male model for MSX & Michael Strahan Collection) created an active lifestyle collection that offers men trendy, yet functional pieces. MSX can be worn everywhere all for a great value with pieces under $50.

MSX by Michael Strahan available only at JCPenney for under $50 each.
Photo courtesy of MSX by Michael Strahan & JCPenney, used with permission
MSX by Michael Strahan available only at JCPenney for under $50 each.

Malibu Sandals, an iconic shoe brand that’s famous for its comfortable and stylish sandals, has the most fashionable sandals for men. Malibu uses cruelty-free materials and does not work with any animall by-product. Its handmade sandals are all approved by PETA and made of PU synthetic leather and nylon. Missoni and Malibu Sandals spring and summer collection for men, which consists of two styles, are available in six colors and a combination of old world craftsmanship with a modernized design. The contemporary, yet culturally rich style of the Missoni and Malibu Sandals is the result of the Huarache Sandal. Malibu supplied the inspiring sandal designs and production, while Missoni (the iconic Italian fashion brand) directed the colorful aesthetics and material selections they are are prominent for.

<a href="" target="_blank">Missoni and Malibu Sandals</a> spring and summe
Photo courtesy of Malibu Sandals & Missoni, used with permission
Missoni and Malibu Sandals spring and summer collection for men

Oakley men’s shades are a must for not just the summer but all year round. They offer both great fashion and more importantly, they help keep ultraviolet light from getting into your eyes. For those who are sensitive to brightness and glare, especially those who wear contacts, sunglasses help reduce brightness and glare. Oakley, renowned for its excellent performance sunglasses, sports visors, ski and snowboard goggles, optical frames and other accessories, has an amazing collection of sunglasses. To get a pair, definitely check out Oakley’s local retail stores in New York located in SoHo, Times Square and Fifth Avenue for the latest and greatest styles.

Oakley for Men
Photo courtesy of Oakley, used with permission
Oakley for Men

Oren Isaac Eyewear, a favorite eyewear brand of Michael Jackson’s, is special thanks to its try-on at home package that features five different pairs to choose from. Oren Isaac Eyewear boasts of top quality acetate frames that flatter all face shapes, and last for many years. It’s lenses are BPA-free, so they provide higher clarity and less distortion than common polycarbonate lenses. The brand gives back and encourages its customers to join them ― simply send in your old pair of glasses, and Oren Isaac Eyewear will fix them, send them to charity and will reward its customers for their efforts with a $15 coupon towards a future purchase.

Oren Isaac Eyewear
Photo courtesy of Oren Isaac Eyewear, used with permission
Oren Isaac Eyewear

Sharply is ideal for those who want only top quality clothing made of soft material, classic/timeless design that guarantees a great fit and lasting first impression. It’s wonderful for busy guys who want to look 110% without having to spend the time shopping for high end fashion finds, thanks to its classic, great fitting pieces. There’s so much to choose from this summer to feel comfortable and look sharp, such as Shorts (Chino shorts or Oxford), Polos (to look sharp and smart), Tees (handsome crew necks, v necks in a whole slew of colors) and also Hoodies for a preppy, grunge or geek-chic look (prices vary from average $50-$200).

Sharply offers top quality,&nbsp;classic and great fitting clothes for men.
Photo courtesy of Sharply, used with permission
Sharply offers top quality, classic and great fitting clothes for men.

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