10/30/2005 06:00 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Morning Without Meet the Press

What I learned watching Pet Keeping with Marc Morrone this Sunday instead of Meet the Press with Tim Russert:

Jim Dempsey left his corporate life to follow his dream and founded The Pet Gazette Newsletter. He says, "I wanted to inject a little fun into my life and traded pinstripes for pets."

Do chickens make good pets? Yes. Chickens do make good pets. And they will follow you around and their personalities blossom.

What do ferrets and rabbits both [sic] have in common? (A) Hop (B) Have floppy ears. (C) Walk-flat footed  (D) Nocturnal?  If you guessed (A), guess again. The answer is (C) ferrets and rabbits both walk flat footed.

Marc has owned chinchillas for as long as he can remember. They know themselves as individuals and respond to a name. Chinchillas don't get along with other chinchillas. If you are going to put males together they should be neutered.

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