04/27/2016 03:01 pm ET Updated Apr 28, 2017

#TalkToMe: My Son Interviews His Stepmom and Me About Adventures in Co-Parenting

The #TalktoMe series from The Huffington Post encourages meaningful conversations between parents and children. We gave #TalktoMe the Adventures in Co-parenting treatment and had Jackson interview both of us -- his mom, Katie, and stepmom, Julie -- and ask us some hard-hitting questions about co-parenting, role models, and our favorite memories.

With kids, we often find that the depth of the day's conversation tends to revolve around the three following questions and their usual, predictable answers:

1. How was your day? (A: Good.)

2. What did you do? (A: Went to school.)

3. What do you want for dinner? (A: Usually the the polar opposite of whatever I have planned to make.)

It was a breath of fresh and much more interesting air to have our shared son/stepson Jackson interview us and ask the questions he has always wondered about.

We stand behind the #TalkToMe mission to encourage conversations across generations, and thank you for taking the time to watch our discussion with the most important member of the Adventures in Co-Parenting family. Learn more at