12/18/2014 01:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Taylor Swift Was Obsessed With Her Fan's '1989' Video And Now They're Besties


When 15-year-old Jacob Thomas created a YouTube lip sync homage to Taylor Swift's "1989" back in November, he was just celebrating his favorite pop star's latest hits.

The Ontario teen never suspected that posting this video on his T-Swift-inspired Tumblr would lead to meeting the star IRL:

According to the CTV Canada's AM, T-Swift stumbled upon Jacob's video via Tumblr and commented, "Jacob I am not joking about this. We need to be best friends because I need this kind of excellence in my life. Gonna track you down when we come to Canada. So obsessed with you."

The pop star offered Jacob a few different options for them to hang, and he chose to attend her birthday performance at the annual Jingle Ball in New York City, according to the Toronto Star.

Tay flew Jacob, his mom and his sister to NYC for the occasion, and set them up in a swanky hotel with their own valet. (She even stocked the fridge with mozzarella sticks, Jacob's favorite snack.)

After the performance, Jacob actually got to hang out with Taylor. He told The Star, "The first thing she said to me was, ‘Jacob!’ and I was like: she knows my name!" He promised that the great T-Swift is just as perfect as we've always imagined, adding “She’s so sweet. Everyone says that she’s so sweet when you meet her, but it’s so true. She’s the nicest person ever.”

Just another average day of T-Swift making dreams come true.

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UPDATE: Jacob has since removed his photos of the event from his Instagram.

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