11/18/2016 06:02 am ET Updated Oct 12, 2017

The Thanksgiving Vegetable Recipes You Need On The Table

Thanksgiving is even better with Brussels sprouts. Trust us.
How Sweet It Is

For a perfect Thanksgiving dinner, every dish must make an appearance. Of course you need a good bird and all the iconic sides that complement it. And you must have piepumpkin AND pecan at the very least. But, it’s also very important that you don’t forget about the veggies (because you know, they make you, and your meal, look better).

We know it isn’t going to slip anyone’s mind to make the stuffing, the sweet potato casserole or even the cranberry sauce, but we want to make sure that Brussels sprouts, butternut squash and carrots get their deserved spotlight as well.

Even if their role is small at the Thanksgiving feast, it’s just as important.