The 7 Tips Simon Lovell Teaches in the Global Changing of Fitness

03/20/2017 04:02 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2017
Simon Lovell

Simon Lovell, a native of England now living in San Diego, is the driving force behind changing the global viewpoint on the fitness industry especially through personal trainers. Working alongside some of the worlds elite within the fitness industry, Simon realized early on that it wasn’t the lack of talent in the marketplace that was missing, but rather the business sense that would bury most every trainer. After creating a million dollar business in under 18 months which has steadily grown in the last 5 years, Simon chose to refocus not on the physical and muscular aspect of fitness, but honed in on strengthening the mental piece as well.

When focusing on the spiritual side of training, you have the ability to strengthen your intellectual ability and can grow outside of moving heavier weights. When asking Simon about how he is changing the culture of personal trainers, he ascertained that the simplicity lies in following a common blueprint that stresses intellectual stimulation and mental relaxation. So you may ask, what are these stimulants and how can I better accomplish them? The magic is in self-awareness and realization of personal strengths.

1.) Wake up early and wake up with a purpose. When waking up, you should instantly meditate to think from a place where you’ve already achieved. In laymen’s terms envision what you want from the day and what you want to accomplish and you will be more likely to get what you want. Your created energy will drive your day in the way you envision it.

2.) Beat the sun up and get to the gym. Whether you need a personal trainer or are self-motivated, clarity comes from blood flow and getting your body situated for the day. Work out and work out with purpose in your morning.

3.) Reflect on yourself and do not be afraid to reinvest in growing who you are. You are not a quick fix and you are not going to gain value by investing in $19.99 programming. Develop real habits and invest the amount of money into yourself that you think you’re worth.

4.) Grow your business by going outside of your comfort zone. Think like a business owner by outsourcing material that takes too much time and does not harp on your strengths.

5.) Take expert positioning with clientele. You are the expert in your field and if it seems as if you do not know how many times to train someone or are asking them to create their own workout schedule, you are invalidating your credibility.

6.) One-on-one coaching will not get you to six figures. Although nice and an important aspect of the fitness industry, there are seldom times when one-on-one trainers can get over six figures in business. Think like a business owner in grouping clientele and further freeing your schedule.

7.) Take 30 minutes before you sleep and think about your successes of the day and also stimulate your subconscious by listening to positive audio recordings. This will put you to sleep in a good mood and wake you up in the same fashion. This will directly affect your habits day to cay and long term.

To be successful in this industry, you have to force yourself to drop your ego. Hire a coach to get out of sticky spots. Do not be afraid of asking others for help and hiring someone that will keep you accountable for what you want and what you desire. Accountability is the biggest aspect of fitness. If you cannot get results without doing what your client wants from you, you will fail. Having a coach will ensure someone holds your hand a little bit and guides you through sticky situations. Whether it be one individual or having the right peer group, being surrounded by like-minded individuals is helpful. Find people that will call you out for your bullshit and hire the person or group that has garnished the results you want to achieve.

To get what you want, you must show up in the way that you want. If you want people to invest higher you have to be willing to pay the premium prices. This alongside being congruent with what you want. You cannot preach fitness if you yourself are not fit. Everyone wants the easy way, but there is no easy way out. Live it, breathe it, and embrace it.

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