09/29/2015 03:51 pm ET

The Adorable Detail On The 'Jane The Virgin' Set You Probably Haven't Seen


Gina Rodriguez makes sure to keep her family close, even while she's working. 

While re-watching the first season of "Jane The Virgin," a super sleuth of a fan noticed a photo of a young girl and a man next to the Villanueva family's television set. She then tweeted a screenshot of the scene to Rodriguez asking about the picture.

The Golden Globe-winning actress responded on Monday and revealed that the picture wasn't a prop but a personal photo of her and her dad. 

Rodriguez has been very vocal about the special relationship she shares with her father. During her Golden Globe speech she alluded to his "I can and I will" mantra and is also currently writing a book based on the advice he's given her over the years. 

From the looks of the screenshot, the best time to get a look at the photo during the series' first season is while Jane, her mother and grandmother are watching their favorite telenovela "The Passions of Santos," which happens to star Jane's father Rogelio de la Vega.  

If fans are eager to find more hidden treasures on the "Jane The Virgin" set, they'll get a chance when the second season of the CW series premieres Oct. 12. 

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