The Best Books for Inspiring Your Creative Journey

I've been reading a lot lately about creativity and art, and especially how creative folks get inspired, share their work, inspire others, etc. It's been a fascinating journey, to say the least, and I wanted to pass along some of the works I've been inspired by to help you in your own creative endeavors! Links to amazon are provided, but a lot of these can also be checked out of your local library. Need more inspiration, here's a post I wrote last year about my favorite design books!

Show Your Work! is an amazing users manual for how to embrace the communal nature of creativity. I have learned so much already, and I'm not halfway through this short, 200 page or so, book. It's not so much a book on how to self-promote, but how to share your work to become known among your peers. So interesting, and a book all creatives must get their hands on!

Creative Confidence urges us to rethink the belief that only certain people are creative. The authors believe that everyone is creative, and their thought-provoking, easy-to-read book will inspire and encourage you to a more creative approach in all aspects of your life. 

Have a creative lifestyle? This easy to read book is full of ways to ignite your creativity. This book would also make a great gift for any women in your life--both those who are already embracing their creativity and those who are looking for a place to start.

So I have to admit, I've only just started this book and it has less to do with living creatively than living happily, but I have loved every word so far so therefore I had to share!  It's a collection of pieces that have featured in O Magazine, and each is inspiring, encouraging and, above all, spirit-lifting.

This last book, by the famed Elizabeth Gilbert, is one of my very favorites, and I recommend it to everyone (don't expect to borrow my copy, though, because it's one book I refuse to lend out). It's all about living creativity, finding inspiration and courage for your journey, and how to tackle and overcome our fears in our creative journeys.

So, you now know what's inspired me lately, what book (or blog or whatever) has inspired YOU? I'd love to know, leave me a comment!

Linda is the founder of burlap+blue, a space dedicated to helping women live life more creatively. She is inspired by creativity, good books and the everyday. She lives with her husband and kids in Richmond, VA. Read more on her blog, join her new Facebook group for bloggers, and connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.