The colours of Copenhagen

02/19/2017 09:29 am ET Updated Feb 19, 2017

We all know that the Danish weather is not the most tropical or warm one. The winters are long, the sky is often grey, the wind is cold and it rains a lot. But after living in Copenhagen for a couple of years, I have finally learned to embrace the beauty of it. The grey and smitten weather is a contrast to the colourful facades of the city.
Looking up in Old Town Copenhagen
The contrast of the grey sky and the iconic Palads cinema

Wherever you walk in Copenhagen, you will encounter houses in all different bright colours with bikes lined infront of the walls. These are the little things that you usually just walk pass by, but they are what makes Copenhagen so wonderful. It has become one of my habits to appreciate and catch these small moments and share them on my instagram.

Copenhagen has so many beautiful places filled with life, colours and joy. There is nothing more wonderful than the Danish houses, under a white cover of snow, which makes you feel like being in a winter fairytale. We enjoy the view.. until we realize that it is a hassle to bike against the snow and wind, the metro is delayed due to the said snow and we get drawn into the hectic daily life again.
The Danish winter wonderland I was talking about :)

During a stressful time, we tend to only focus on finishing the to-do list for the day and our goal is to get from A to B and then to C the fastest way. And all along, we forget to just take a moment and enjoy what is around us. I know it sounds clichée and it could be a quote in every generic movie, where a workaholic forgets to take a minute and just live. But don’t we all know and live that clichée?
A short walk with friends in Copenhagen can cheer you up and brighten up your winter days :)

Well I caught myself in this spiral last month, when I was just doing one task after another, sending applications, going to university, attend courses, meet for job interviews or group work, go home, eat, sleep, repeat it all again the next day.. And while I was walking from one appointment to the next and was worried about hundreds of things, I realized one cold day that I have stopped appreciating the beauty around me. So from that point on, I try to take it more slow, more relaxed, with more “hygge” one can say - to live the Danish way. It doesn’t always work but we can try it at least, right?
Pastell coloured houses along Nyhavn
Close to the Lakes in Copenhagen are these buildings lined up, in colours that reminds us that summer will come eventually :)

Living in Copenhagen as a student has its ups and downs for everyone, me included. However, today I just want to take a few minutes and share the pretty, colourful things that surrounds us everyday. Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful and diversed city I have been lucky to live in and I want to write about the colours of the city, which are a contrast to the grey weather, to our busy lives, to the sorrows and winter blues we feel at times.
This street is one of my favourites in Old Town Copenhagen and for me, it is the embodiment of Scandinavian’s style

Take just a few more minutes to the metro station and enjoy the little beauties around you tomorrow. If you wonder where this street is in Copenhagen and want to see more shots from the city from my persperctive, you can continue reading about a walk in Copenhagen here.

I hope you will have a wonderful day :)
Thank you so much for reading :)

Greetings from Copenhagen, Tuni from :)

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