The Entire GOP Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

They cannot pretend their opponents didn’t warn them.

Republicans allow their vacuous offspring to say and do the stupidest things with zero consequences. In turn, the 45th president of the United States of America has brought us to —what seems like— the brink of both a civil and nuclear war - after only about seven months in office. Instead of renouncing him entirely, members of the GOP prefer to calibrate their moral compasses to an illogical standard in order to save their political party from admitting their ongoing heinous mess.

[Trump] has brought us to — what seems like — the brink of both a civil and nuclear war, after only about seven months in office.

The GOP cannot pretend their opponents didn’t warn them. The outcome of Trump’s America was displayed to Republicans like a psychic with a crystal ball, and they carried on anyway. Countless times did Donald J. Trump allow bigotry, violence, and racism to fuel his campaign to gain votes. When will Republicans take responsibility for allowing the events in Charlottesville (and other damages) to happen?

Taking responsibility for the actions of the president means publicly acknowledging that Donald J. Trump represents racist, misogynistic beliefs. In addition, Republican accountability would entail organizing ways to remove him from office and admitting their mistake of nominating him to represent the GOP (and the entire United States) as a whole - not just for the sake of the Republican Party, but for the respect toward righteous citizens and international embarrassment.

The Future of the Republican Party

This should serve as a clear warning for Republicans: when people vote for future presidents, they will associate the Republican Party with eras of civil violence and international chaos. They will remember how minorities were treated and how white supremacists were defended by a republican billionaire turned president.

Both left and right members in the political spectrum who believe the public gathering of neo-Nazis and hate groups such as the KKK should be condemned and punishable by law need to make it clear: we cannot stand by a leader who defends beliefs based on hate, and therefore demand impeachment.

It’s Time for Impeachment

Impeachment is no longer an extreme. A look back at what Donald J. Trump has done to the United States in almost 7 months is a clear vision of the direction our nation is headed toward if he remains in office. At some point, members of Congress need to ask themselves what they are waiting for. Seriously.

Most Americans are not oblivious to the existence of extreme racism that plagues our nation. Many may even admit that it is “allowed” due to our first amendment. An essential yet conflicting question in American democracy of ethics stands, however: will we allow freedom of speech to defend the actions of extreme ideologies and terrorism? The answer is no. We don’t let ISIS gather to rally in America; then why do we let the KKK and neo-Nazis do so?

Perhaps after members of Congress make public gatherings of these hateful groups punishable by law and officially begin impeachment processes, then we can make America great. Until then, it looks like it’s going to get a lot worse.