03/23/2017 10:17 am ET Updated Apr 10, 2017

The History Of Retirement Made Simple [Video]

Not your grandpa's retirement landscape.

Retirement is a word that elicits a lot of emotional responses, from excitement to trepidation to fears about how to actually afford it. But the best approach to retirement is to be prepared for it.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Fidelity Investments to create “Retire Well,” a video series aimed at sharing all the ins and outs of retirement planning. First up, a primer on how the changing economic landscape of the 20th century ushered in the concept of retirement.

Retirement planning can be confusing. But at Fidelity Investments, we’re working to help make that process clearer, so you always know where you stand as you build the retirement you imagine. The first step is getting your Fidelity Retirement Score. By answering 6 quick questions, you’ll get a simple numerical score that shows you how well you’re doing as you save for retirement. Get started today.