Tuesday's Morning Email: The GOP Plan For A Contested Convention

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WHAT GETTING TO A CONTESTED CONVENTION LOOKS LIKE "The presentation is an 11th-hour rebuttal to the fatalism permeating the Republican establishment: Slide by slide, state by state, it calculates how Donald Trump could be denied the presidential nomination." Inside the meetings to stop Donald Trump, and what needs to happen in the four states up for grabs Tuesday. [WaPo]

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG DECIDES NOT TO RUN BECAUSE TRUMP IS 'TOO DANGEROUS' He gave Bloomberg News the exclusive. [Marina Fang, HuffPost]

U.S. AIRSTRIKE KILLS 150 AL-SHABAB MILITANTS "The United States has carried out an air strike in Somalia, killing more than 150 fighters with the al Qaeda-linked Islamist group al-Shabab, following U.S. intelligence on preparations for a large-scale militant attack, the Pentagon said on Monday." [Reuters]

THE SUPREME COURT SHORT LIST The top five judges the White House is considering for the seat. [WaPo]

A TALE OF TWO HOUSING MARKETS While expensive homes stand in wait, lower-priced housing is selling in a flash. [WSJ | Paywall]

MARIA SHARAPOVA: I FAILED A DRUG TEST The tennis star and highest paid woman athlete admitted to failing a test for a substance she said she's been taking for 10 years that was banned in January. Learn more about mildronate here. [Reuters]


ERIN ANDREWS AWARDED $55 MILLION In the peeping Tom case. [HuffPost]

CAN YOU REMEMBER HOW TO CALCULATE PERCENTAGES? If not, you're among 20 percent of the world's population. Not that you know how many that is. [The Guardian]

THE ISIS PLOTS AGAINST THE U.K. "Islamic State fighters want to carry out 'enormous and spectacular' attacks against Britain and the Western lifestyle in general, Britain's most senior anti-terrorism officer said on Monday." [Reuters]

WHY PEOPLE GET ANGRY ON PLANES Three words: lack of control. [HuffPost]

'A LETTER TO MY INFANT NEPHEW' "You were born into a nation that didn't want you. In America, your life is disposable." [HuffPost]

KELLY CLARKSON SIDES WITH KESHA The superstar says a record label blackmailed her into working with Dr. Luke. [HuffPost]

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ONE OF THE TOP IVORY MARKETS MAY STOP SALES "Amid warnings that Hawaii's ivory market is poised to become the nation's largest, state lawmakers have pushed forward a pair of bills aimed at banning the sale of 'white gold' and other wild animal parts." [HuffPost]

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~ Please let these be comments from Taylor Swift's old MySpace account.

~ Did you know Trump's sister is a senior judge on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals?

~ Like any secret society tale, this one involves quite the entrance.

~ AC/DC's Brian Johnson has been ordered to stop touring or risk complete hearing loss.

~ You will enter a meditative state watching this calligraphy.

~ We're not drinking enough water. Not even close.

~ From Howard Fineman: "Canada's new prime minister is the exact opposite of Donald Trump."

~ There were a lot of shirtless Zac Efron pictures on the Internet yesterday, and nobody was mad.

~ Inside the rise of the massive head in college basketball fan sections.

~ Make sure you aren't eating plastic with these recalled chicken nuggets.

~ J.K. Rowling is making all our American muggle dreams come true by releasing four stories explaining the history of magic in the U.S.

~ How to regrow some of your food from kitchen scraps.

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