The Value of a Minute: Mastering the Art of Time Compression

06/27/2017 02:40 pm ET
If you are investing time in anything other than your income, consider yourself LOSING money.
If you are investing time in anything other than your income, consider yourself LOSING money.

The multimillionaire you follow on Instagram. The triple-threat pop star that releases hit after hit, year after year, and still has time to raise a family. Your favorite pro athlete…

What do they all have in common? They are not average; they are ACCOMPLISHED. They do things you aspire to do—things you fear you may never be able to do—and that’s why you idolize them so much. But before you revere these esteemed individuals as demigods, remember that they have the same amount of hours in the day as YOU do.

Their advantage, however? They know the value of a minute, and so they’ve learned how to compress time. Each tick of the clock works in their favor.

When I first realized that LEVERAGE is the key to achieving financial freedom because time is limited, I made it my mission to manipulate and delegate each and every minute of my day so that no matter where I was or what I was doing, I was still making money.

Such is the philosophy behind the auto responder and the prescheduled email campaign: removing tasks from your own to-do list and passing the baton over to another source, so you can focus on growing other areas of your business simultaneously.

It’s the difference between five-, six-, and seven-figure incomes.

If you are investing time in anything other than your income, consider yourself LOSING money.

I bring this point up to my company’s top leaders all the time: your bank account may have steady, leveraged growth, but if you are doing activities that are NOT making you money, your success may plateau. For example, if you’re wasting 30 minutes out of the day on grocery shopping, it doesn't matter how many “buy-one-get-one-free” deals you’re getting—you’re taking a jab at the potential commas in your account.

Standing idle at the checkout counter starves your wallet. You’re better off paying someone else to go get those groceries for you. Then you could be using that time on 3-way calls with your downline, or coaching your team members on what they could be doing better, or personally meeting and exposing new prospects to the business.

With all these on-the-go mobile apps and grocery delivery services out there, you don't have to be a high roller to have a “personal shopper.” Time is precious; you could be doing SO many more valuable, income-producing things with it.

I practice what I preach daily, and it adds a whole new layer of “wealth” to my life. I may have saved and adopted many dogs over the years, but I don’t have to take them outside multiple times a day. While my dog walkers help to take care of business, I spend my time collaborating with Talk Fusion’s IT developers and coaching top distributors in the field.

I don’t wash my Lamborghini or my yacht. I don’t drive the yacht, either—I don’t know how and I don't need to know how; I have a full-time captain who takes care of that. When I want to go out for a sail, I simply make a phone call.

Now don’t get me wrong—I do run errands like any normal person from time to time, such as getting gas or taking a quick trip to Starbucks. But when I do, I’m not JUST making a purchase; I’m making moves. I’m looking for business opportunities and ideas, I’m engaging in conversation, and I’m building my contacts and relationships.

Moral of the story: if you’re not multitasking towards your success, you’re doing it wrong.

Your favorite athlete has time to work out three times a day, schedule that press conference, and make sure the fridge is stocked with proper proteins because they have crushed timelines.

The pop star has an entire staff working on their next big project, before the current one is even RELEASED.

And that multimillionaire you follow on Instagram? He or she has built their empire upon leverage and delegation.

It’s not magic; it’s mastery—and if you want to make it big as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to do it, too.

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