45 Incredible Photos from Four Protests Against Trump in Four Days: The Women's March and Beyond

Women’s March on Washington, Washington, DC
Women’s March on Washington, Washington, DC

The Women’s March on Washington was an important and historic event, bringing together women and men from all walks of life and all regions of the country united to stand against the Trump administration's assault on women.

But, before the Women’s March there were other protests against the Trump/Pence administration.

On the Wednesday before Trump’s inauguration, WERK for Peace and Disrupt J20 held a peaceful protest outside the temporary DC home of Vice President Mike Pence who has voiced support for conversion therapy and otherwise attacked LGBTQ rights. The Queer Mike Pence Dance Party was a joyful celebration of LGBTQ culture and a strong showing of support for LGBTQ rights.

On Thursday, Alt-Right activists returned to Comet Ping Pong in Upper NW DC to perpetuate the fake news that Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta ran a child-trafficking ring out of the restaurant. Otherwise known as Pizzagate, the rumor was promoted by a member of Trump’s transition team and had previously led to a man with an assault rifle firing inside the restaurant. Many came out to eat at Comet Pizza to show their support and some brought signs in protest of the fake news that has taken hold since Trump’s election. Others wore large white angel wings to shield the restaurant from the view.

On Friday, Disrupt J20 organized blockades of entry points into the inauguration. One checkpoint was shut down for a period of time and entry was significantly slowed at other points. After the inauguration, a large Festival of Resistance took to the streets of DC. Activists peacefully showed their support for non-citizens, worker rights, women’s rights, healthcare for all, and other issues.

And, of course, on Saturday, there was the historic Women’s March on Washington.

Below are images from all four protests from DC-based photographer Jamie Davis Smith and Philadelphia-based photographer Cathie Berrey-Green from protests that occurred on all four days.

Photographer Emily Jackson from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Katie Jett Walls of Red Turtle Photography and many others were on the streets for the Women’s March as well.

Queer Mike Pence Dance Party:

Comet Ping Pong:

Disrupt J20 Blockades:

Disrupt J20 Festival of Resistance:

Womens March on Washington

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