02/01/2017 03:50 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2017

The Top-Searched Super Bowl Recipes In Every State Are ... Interesting

Who knew Alabama was really into porchetta?

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, which means Americans are busy shelling out tons of money on booze and snacks and looking for the perfect game day recipes. 

The folks over at Google rounded up the top-searched Super Bowl recipes for each state, and it revealed some interesting choices. Alabama has a thing for porchetta, South Carolina is obsessed with pepperoni dip and people in Wyoming are into making homemade Oreos. 

Check out some of the more of the top-searched recipes in each state below: 

1. Alabama, porchetta

2. Alaska, spinach quiche 

3. Arizona, corn bread cake 

4. Arkansas, cheese dip 

5. California, cupcakes 

6. Colorado, queso dip 

7. Connecticut, cupcakes 

8. Delaware, chili 

9. District of Columbia, Italian meatballs 

10. Florida, spinach artichoke dip 

11. Georgia, pico de gallo 

12. Hawaii, grilled liempo  

13. Idaho, simple cheesy creamy mac and cheese 

14. Illinois, buffalo chicken dip

15. Indiana, pulled pork 

16. Iowa, artichoke dip

17. Kansas, s’mores dessert 

18. Kentucky, bean salsa 

19. Louisiana, creamy shrimp crabmeat and spinach dip

20. Maine, spinach caesar salad 

21. Maryland, chickpea soup 

22. Massachusetts, buffalo chicken dip

23. Michigan, hamburger slider

24. Minnesota, chili

25. Mississippi, sweet potatoes shepherd’s pie    

26. Missouri, chili 

27. Montana, buttermilk biscuits

28. Nebraska, chicken wings 

29. Nevada, cake pops 

30. New Hampshire, tacos

31. New Jersey, buffalo wings

32. New Mexico, fried jalapeño poppers 

33. New York, jalapeño poppers

34. North Carolina, buffalo wings 

35. North Dakota, jalapeño poppers

36. Ohio, pulled pork pita nachos

37. Oklahoma, oven mac and cheese 

38. Oregon, tater tot casserole

39. Pennsylvania, buffalo chicken dip 

40. Rhode Island, bean dip 

41. South Carolina, pepperoni dip 

42. South Dakota, creamy chicken casserole

43. Tennessee, buffalo chicken appetizer

44. Texas, football cupcakes 

45. Utah, cheesy chicken broccoli casserole 

46. Vermont, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie 

47. Virginia, buffalo chicken dip 

48. Washington, baked chicken wings 

49. West Virginia, bacon cheese ball 

50. Wisconsin, buffalo chicken dip 

51. Wyoming, homemade oreo cookies 



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