11/21/2016 04:13 pm ET Updated Nov 21, 2016

This 9-Year-Old Shaved Part Of Her Head For The Most Heartfelt Reason

“She’s so in tune with others' feelings," her mom said.

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Elizabeth Revis decided to have a “shave party” to shave off her hair. Her daughter surprised her when she wanted to do the same thing to show her support.

Doctors diagnosed Revis, who is from Bremerton, Washington, with ovarian cancer in February. It has now spread to her lungs, liver and lymph nodes. As her hair began to fall out because of chemo, Revis chose to have a “shave party” for her hair instead of waiting for the rest of it to fall out. The morning of the so-called party, her 9-year-old daughter Leila asked if she could shave a patch of her hair, too. Revis learned she came up with the idea all on her own.

“I kind of did a double take,” Revis told The Huffington Post. “’Who told you you should do that?’ and ‘Baby, you don’t have to do that’ were my semi-tearful responses.”

After Revis had her head shaved, Leila had part of hers shaved as well. Revis said she was “so proud” of her daughter, who loves her new look.

“She had me braid her hair along the shaved patch the next day for school so she could show it off,” Revis said. “She couldn’t wait to tell everyone about the party and my hair and why she has shaved hair now too.”

Revis said her daughter is known for her selfless gestures like sitting with kids at school who are eating alone at lunch and standing up to bullies. “She’s so in tune with others’ feelings,” Revis said about her daughter. “It’s amazing.”

Revis added that the rest of her family and her community have also played a crucial role in supporting her during her cancer journey. From well wishes from strangers to cards with heartfelt messages to a GoFundMe campaign organized by a friend that has reached $11,000, Revis said she’s been moved by the kindness surrounding her.

“You know I would never wish this cancer or uncertainty on anyone,” she said. “But, without this terrible low, I would have never experienced such love. I never would have seen the kindness and decency and compassion humans can have for one another. In this day and age, it’s pretty powerful stuff and I would never trade it.”

To follow Elizabeth’s journey, check out updates in her Facebook group.



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