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This Woman Was Fat-Shamed For Wearing Shorts -- And She Had The Best Response

"Women. Do not tear each other down. Celebrate each other. Every day." 💪

When one Texas-based actress left her house a few weeks ago to go run errands, she wasn't expecting to be fat-shamed for wearing shorts in the middle of June.

Unfortunately for Brynne Huffman, one seemingly harmless conversation with a fellow UPS customer turned into an insult when, according to Huffman, the woman told her that she should probably "rethink" wearing shorts. 

After the incident, Huffman posted a photo of herself on Facebook wearing the outfit that inspired the fat-shaming comment. In the caption she wrote an impassioned response, begging women not to "tear each other down."

Huffman wrote that, in a current climate where homophobia, Islamophobia and rape culture are such prevalent issues, there is no reason to be hating on a woman because of her size. 

"Plus sized doesn't necessarily mean unhealthy. Plus sized doesn't necessarily mean lazy. Plus sized doesn't mean ugly or undesirable or untalented or uncoordinated or LESS. THAN. HUMAN," Huffman wrote. "You might have an issue with my body. I don't."

Huffman ended her post with an encouraging reminder for women to lift each other up and "celebrate each other." She also included the powerful, body-positive hashtag: #EffYourBeautyStandards. Eff them, indeed. 



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