Thursday's Morning Email: North Korea May Be Prepping Its Most Powerful Nuclear Test

Here's what the satellite images show.


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NORTH KOREA COULD BE PREPARING SIXTH NUCLEAR TEST New satellite images suggest that North Korea might soon conduct another underground detonation in its effort to learn how to make nuclear arms — its sixth explosive test in a decade and perhaps its most powerful yet.” The Prime Minister of Japan warned that North Korea might have the capability to arm missiles with sarin. [NYT]

TRUMP’S FORMER CAMPAIGN MANAGER PAUL MANAFORT TO REGISTER AS A FOREIGN AGENT Amid reports from the AP about Ukrainian payouts to Manafort’s consulting firm, as well as news from The New York Times about loans Manafort received from companies with Trump ties the day he stepped down from the campaign. [HuffPost]

THE 6 TIMES DONALD TRUMP REVERSED IN TWO DAYS From currency manipulation to NATO. [HuffPost]

THINGS ARE LOOKING WORSE FOR WHITE HOUSE STRATEGIST STEVE BANNON After another interview where the president downplayed Bannon’s role. And when The Washington Post has headlines about you that say “From ‘Shadow President’ To Trump’s Marked Man,” odds are you are having a bad week. [HuffPost]

TRUMP MOVING TO INCREASING U.S. ROLE IN YEMEN “The Trump administration is slowly ramping up support to a Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran-backed militants, according to government sources, advocates and analysts. In the weeks ahead, they believe, Trump will approve a major transfer of bombs to Saudi Arabia, and may greenlight a coalition assault on Hodeidah, an essential port for food imports.” [HuffPost]

MORE BAD NEWS FOR UNITED AIRLINES New video has emerged of David Dao calmly saying he wanted to remain on the plane before being forcibly dragged off. Dao has already started legal proceedings against United. And this mom is speaking out about her charges that a man groped her on a United flight while flight attendants kept serving him whiskeys. [HuffPost]

NEW YORK MOURNS TRAILBLAZING JUDGE Justice Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first African-American woman and Muslim to serve on the highest court in New York, was found dead on the shore of the Hudson River. [HuffPost]


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IT WOULD APPEAR THAT ‘MORNING JOE’ HOSTS JOE SCARBOROUGH AND MIKA BRZEZINSKI ARE OFFICIAL Based on this comments about their pets co-mingling. [The Hollywood Reporter]

COMEDIAN CHARLIE MURPHY DEAD AT 57 After a battle with leukemia. Tributes are pouring in for the brother of Eddie Murphy. [HuffPost]

WHY CAITLYN JENNER SAYS SHE HAD GENDER REASSIGNMENT SURGERY “And why it’s really none of our business in the first place.” [HuffPost]

MEET THE NEW DUMBLEDORE We cannot wait for Jude Law to give us the backstory for the world’s best headmaster. [HuffPost]