10/04/2006 06:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Time for GOP to "ex-Foley-ate"...



Main Entry: ex·foley·ate
Pronunciation: eks-'FOE-lee-ate
Function: verb
Etymology: Latin exfoliatus, past participle of exfoliare to clean away repugnant detritus. From Latin ex- + foleyum page-turner
transitive verb
1 : to cast off malignant obese "voxum" (speaker-hastertitus)
2 : to remove the oily layers covering ugly bones (boehner-um)
3 : to scrub off an entire layer of necrotic cells (republicanus omnes)
intransigent verbalus
1 : requiring abrasive use of a shaped loofah (bilius oreillus)

(Pardon my Latin)