Trump Bemoans War Costs As Pence Promises Afghanistan To 'See This Through'

"It's time to start rebuilding our country," the president said.

President Donald Trump on Friday lamented the cost of U.S. wars and vowed to spend more on domestic infrastructure, undercutting a promise his vice president made to Afghan leaders a day earlier.

During a surprise trip to Kabul, Mike Pence told officials, “We’ve been on a long road together, but President Trump made it clear earlier this year that we are with you ... we are here to see this through.”

He reiterated his comments in a tweet Thursday directed at U.S. troops overseas.

The veep’s tweet came less than an hour after Trump bemoaned that the U.S. had “foolishly spent $7 trillion in the Middle East.”

Trump has long promised to end America’s longest-running war, but has generally avoided offering a specific timeline for withdrawal. In August, he announced an increase in both troops and spending.